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In the days running up to Christmas, most of us try to find more kindness in our hearts and to express more grace. It’s also a time of reflecting on another year gone by and wonder: ‘Did we do well by others? Or could we have done more and better things?’ We’ll never know for sure, but we can start with making each other’s life a little bit brighter with some random acts of kindness. Need a little inspiration to help you on your way? Read on…

The list

1. Snail mail
Write a letter (yes, the old-fashioned way!) to someone that has made a real difference in your life and thank them. Taking the time to expressing gratitude and to share your emotions is a very powerful gift that is always appreciated.

2. Flowers
Purchase a nice bouquet of flowers for someone. Just to show you love them.

3. Visit the lonely
Go to a retirement centre and visit anyone who appears to be lonely and in need of some company. Just play a game with them or listen to their stories and you’ll sure make their day.

4. Courteousness
Offer someone your seat on a crowded bus or train. It’s a simple gesture that will easily bring a smile to someone’s face.

5. Cook with love
Drop off a homemade dinner to someone who just had a baby, has been ill or who you just think might need a break from making dinner.

6. Take over
Offer to watch someone’s children so they can take a break. Everyone needs some me-time every now and then.

7. Reach out
Buy or cook a meal and give it to a homeless person. Engage in a conversation with them, show interest and treat them like you treat others.

8. Attentive
Remember important dates, like birthdays or dates that loved ones of friends passed away. Send a handwritten note on these anniversaries to let them know your heart goes out to them.

9. Compliment
Give a complete stranger in the street a well-meant compliment. It will make their day!

10. Love
Express your love to your loved ones by telling them you love them for a specific reason. The effects of just a few kind words can be felt for a lifetime.

By performing random acts of kindness you not only bring joy to someone else’s life but it will fill you up with good feelings as well. Either way, it is a win-win situation and shouldn’t be limited to the weeks surrounding Christmas. Let’s all make the world a better place all year round!

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