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Morning people
Have you ever wondered how some people can be so energetic and happy first thing in the morning? They appear confident and cheerful when you’re still waiting for the second cup of coffee to kick in. They radiate positivity seemingly without any extra effort, but the reality is that they are probably boosting their mood long before they arrive at work. Their secret is actually quite simple: they practice daily routines which help them focus, make them grateful, and help them to acknowledge the joys of everyday life. Perhaps they acquired a set of rituals unknowingly or they might have consciously created routines. Whatever their origin, the habits and customs they employ daily make them feel good each morning.

Practice makes perfect
Rituals have the power to ground you, to energise you, to give you clarity and focus. When you do them daily, they can inspire reflection and even promote inner peace. If this sounds complicated, it really isn’t—because you can literally train yourself to achieve these things through practice.

To help you get started, here are 10 tips to build a morning routine that leaves you feeling positive and energised before you even leave the house. If you practice these routines long enough, they will eventually become habits that transform you into a positive force who makes people smile wherever you go.

The Morning Ritual

1. Smile
As soon as you wake up: smile! Be happy you are alive and that you are the fortunate owner of another 24 hours in which you can make a difference for yourself and others. Buddha once said, “You are what you think,” so make it a habit to think positively.

A great moment to reflect and slowly arouse all your senses is in the early morning. Take some time to clear your head by sitting in silence and being present in the moment.

3.Be grateful
Instead of worrying about work-related problems and other stresses, try to think of the things that make you grateful. Remember that each morning is a new start, and let go of negative things from the past that you can no longer control.

4.Drink a glass of water
The mind is not the only thing that needs a positive boost in the morning. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water 20 minutes before you have breakfast gets your digestive system running and flushes out toxins, perfect for your energy flow.

5.Take a cold shower
Grab one of Rituals’ energising shower foams (Hammam Delight, Samurai Shower and Happy Buddha all include ingredients that give you an extra kick) and turn the water from warm to cold for the last 20 seconds. It may be a shock to the system, but it will make you alert and ready to face the day.

6.Schedule the day
Getting a grasp on the tasks you’re expected to complete in a given day will help you manage any anxiety and stress you may have. Make a list and tell yourself that you’ll do your best to complete them, because doing our best is the most any of us can do.

7.Apply perfume
It has been scientifically proven that scent has a tremendous effect on our emotions. Surround yourself with fragrances that you associate purely with happiness or calm—we suggest Rituals’ Chakra Water or The Ritual of Dao bed & body mist or Parfum d’Interieur Happy Buddha.

8.Get moving
This can be as simple as doing a few stretches as soon as you get out of bed or going for a 5 km run before you shower. Whatever you choose, exercise releases endorphins into the blood stream that act as a natural mood enhancer.

9.Have breakfast
A lot of people skip the morning meal in favour of fifteen extra minutes of sleep, but this is a mistake. Getting up a bit earlier to prepare yourself a healthy breakfast will supply you with much more energy because it stabilises your blood sugar. For more information on this, read the article about healthy breakfast.

10.Play music
Like scent, sound can also affect our mood in an intense and varied way. Put on your favourite playlist of danceable tunes and let the music wash over you, setting a positive tone for the entire day.
By turning these simple tips into a routine, you will no longer wonder in envy at that morning person smiling during their morning commute—you’ll be smiling back at them!

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