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The holiday season will be upon us soon; a time often spent with family and friends. You may have guests over for brunch or dinner. Let us help you prepare your home for guests and create meaningful moments with your loved ones.

1. It has been scientifically proven that a tidy house will relax you. Make everyone feel extra comfortable by tidying the house. Start by decluttering the room where your guests will be spending most of their time and then move your way around the house, focussing on the areas that guests may visit. You will definitely benefit from this yourself too!

2. The anticipatory pleasure of this tip might be even bigger than the pleasure on the day itself: create a playlist with your favourite music for the occasion. Some gentle jazz, film soundtracks or instrumental music do good at dinner parties.

3. Give the restroom some extra attention. Bring out soft towels, a luxurious hand wash with a matching hand lotion and make sure that plenty of toilet necessities are available for your guests. A scented candle adds a nice festive touch and makes any space smell lovely.

4. Comfort is key to making people feel relaxed, so get a few throw pillows scattered around the living room, so your guests can make themselves comfortable.

5. On the day of your guests’ arrival, you can set the perfect mood with just a few simple touches. Dim the lights for a soft ambiance and illuminate the room with some warming candles. Spritz some room fragrance for an enhanced experience right before your guests arrive.

Make some extra effort to spend time with your loved ones during this time of year and go the extra mile to maximize their comfortability in your home. After all, quality time with your loved ones is a great way to be mindful and to enjoy the little things in life.

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