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We all love our smartphones. They enrich our daily lives by helping us to be more productive, stay entertained and communicate effortlessly. But because of our smartphone we also tend to forget that life is actually happening around us. So let us help you to put down your phone from time to time with these five simple tips:

1. Knowledge is power

People usually don’t realise how much time they really spend on their phone during the day. Most sessions usually won’t take more than a few minutes at a time, but all those little moments add up quickly. Become aware of your phone usage by using an app that monitors your behaviour on your phone. This will give you insight on when, where and how long you’re using your phone on a daily basis. Be prepared to be shocked!

2. Swap your phone for other activities

People spend an average of 90 minutes per day on their phone, which totals to about 23 days a year. Imagine what you can do with all that valuable time! Take the time to cook that meal you’ve wanted to prepare for a while or finally start reading that book you’ve been hearing good things about.

3. Wear a watch, buy an alarm clock

Say goodbye to temptation and hello to your new fashionable accessory. By wearing a watch, you avoid the temptation of dealing with notifications when you just want to check the time. The three seconds you initially planned for just a quick look at the time could easily turn in to a fifteen minute scrolling session through your entire Facebook timeline. Buying an alarm clock for in your bedroom helps to limit the time you use your phone before you go to bed and when you wake up.

4. Set a phone-free zone

Create a no phone area in your home or in your work place. For example: don’t bring your phone to lunch. Be totally unplugged for half an hour and recharge your battery while enjoying your lunch break and the people around you. You’ll be full of energy again when you’re back behind your desk.

5. Put your phone down together

Have you ever noticed a group of people staring at their phones while hanging out together? If you’re in the company of someone that’s on their phone while they should be spending time with you, you’ll be temped to do the same. Try to do things differently by putting your phones consciously away for a moment. Give each other the gift of your undivided attention. At Rituals we think the Holiday season is the perfect moment to do so. Are you joining our  #phonedownchristmas movement? Go to Facebook and take the pledge!

There are so many beautiful things happening around you when you’re on your phone. Take a moment to look around you, be more mindful and actively engage in your surroundings. Look up instead of down!

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