Baby Massage
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A special ritual for baby and mom

A baby massage ritual is a great way to bond and connect with your baby. Babies are delighted by touch and what’s more, research has indicated that massage may promote better sleeping, makes muscles supple and can help relieve stomach cramps. There is even a theory that baby massage could enhance your infant’s immune system, improve motor skills and development. And the extra bonus is that it will probably relax you too!

So plenty of reasons to start a new daily ritual with your baby. One that you can easily incorporate after baby’s daily bath. So how do you begin?


Make sure the room is warm so your infant doesn’t feel uncomfortable and before you start have the following accessories within hands reach:

A comfortable flat surface covered by a blanket or towel
Baby Massage Oil
A soft towel or blanket to cover your baby
Dimmed lights if it’s night time
Soft music

Make sure your massage strokes are gentle but firm, too light might make the baby ticklish.
A massage can last 10 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on his or her mood.

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Lay your baby comfortably on his stomach, with his head turned to one side

Pour a few drops of baby oil on your hands, and rub them together to moisten and warm them up.

Begin stroking from the forehead over the top of his head, then down to the nape of his neck.

Massage across each shoulder from the center of the neck out to the arm, one side at a time. Gently pull each finger at the end of your stroke.

From the top of your baby’s back, massage down to his hips with both hands, but avoid the spine.

Run the pads of your fingers down the back of your baby’s legs at the same time, then go back up again.

Repeat the same motion on the back of your baby’s arms.

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Turn your baby over onto his back. Repeat the down-and-up strokes on his chest and the front of his arms and legs.

Most babies will truly enjoy a massage but keep an eye out for any signals your baby might give you about when to stop. There is no set time for a baby massage so enjoy the time to connect, bond and enjoy the moment.

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