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Ice tea is the perfect drink for the summer. It’s not only amazingly refreshing, but you can play with the ingredients to make it a true delicacy. Try a classic mix of lemon and mint, or get more adventurous with exciting ingredients like cardamom or pomegranate seeds. They taste best when paired with our special Rituals tea blends, which complements the flavours like a dream. To make these teas start with the base recipe and follow the guidance per recipe for the extra ingredients and next steps.

Base recipe

– 1 liter water
– 2 teabags of your choice
– Ice cubes
– Sugar to taste

Bring the water to a boil and pour it in a pitcher. Add 2 teabags and let it steep for a few minutes. In case you like your ice tea sweet, add sugar to taste while the tea is still warm so the sugar can dissolve. Follow the instructions of your favourite recipe and let the tea cool down in the fridge. Add some ice cubes to each glass before serving.


Hammam Mint

– 2 bags of Rituals Hammam Mint Tea
– 1 lemon
– Handful of fresh mint leaves

Slice the lemon and add the pieces to the hot tea together with the mint leaves. Let them soak until the tea has cooled down and serve with ice cubes. If you prefer a tangier beverage, squeeze some fresh lemon juice in the tea a bit more zing.

Jasmine Ice tea

Jasmin Delight

– 2 bags of Rituals Jasmin Delight Tea
– 1 ripe mango
– 125g strawberries

Cut the mango and strawberries in small cubes, but set a few slices of mango and some whole strawberries aside. Mash the fruit and add the mixture to the hot tea. Leave the strawberries and mango to soak until right before serving. Run the tea through a sieve and make sure to reserve the liquid. Pour the tea in a glass with a slice of mango, stick a strawberry on the straw and serve with a few ice cubes.

rose wisdom ice tea

Rose Wisdom

– 2 bags of Rituals Rose Wisdom tea
– 3 ripe peaches
– 1 tablespoon cardamom

Cut the peaches in small pieces and set a few slices aside to use as decoration. Add the peaches and cardamom to the hot tea and let it steep until the tea has cooled down.  Pour the tea through a strainer to filter out the peaches when serving the tea. Put a slice of peach on a toothpick and let it balance on the edges of the glass like pictured. Add ice and sip away!

Emperor's Dream Ice tea

Emperor’s Dream

– 2 bags of Rituals Emperor’s Dream tea
– A 5 cm piece of fresh ginger
– 4 cinnamon sticks
– 1 lemon

Peel the ginger and slice it in thin slices. Add the ginger and the cinnamon sticks to the hot pitcher of tea. Let the tea soak up the flavours until the tea has cooled down. Take out the cinnamon sticks before serving and add a few slices off lemon. A couple of ice cubes add the final touch and the tea is ready to serve.

Earl's Secret Ice tea

Earl’s Secret

– 2 bags of Rituals Earl’s Secret tea
– 2 pears
– 120 grams pomegranate seeds

Start by cutting one pear in thick slices. Grate the other pear with a coarse grater and mix it with the hot tea. Wait until the tea has fully cooled down and filter it by running it through a strainer. Put two tablespoons pomegranate seeds in each glass and pour the cold tea on top of it. Garnish the tea with a slice of pear in the glass and some ice cubes. Enjoy!

rituals ice tea recipes

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