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Your skin is your body’s largest organ and accounts for around 15% of your bodyweight. Every minute your skin sheds about 30.000 dead cells and believe it or not, it has its own little zoo which provides 1 thousand different species of bacteria and hold your breath: 1 billion individual bacteria. 1 in 20 women suffer from acne, while only 1 in 100 men have a close encounter with this condition. We all crave perfect looking skin and we all hope to find that miracle worker in a jar which not only will fade wrinkles but will give you skin like a supermodel. All the more reason to find out what helps your skin to look its very best.

So does chocolate really cause your skin to break out in pimples? Is face yoga the natural answer to firm looking face? Does your skin improve from rigorous scrubbing? Will drinking water provide hydration? Does Botox prevent wrinkles? These are all very fascinating questions but what is true and what is nonsense? Some facts and fables on skin do’s and don’ts.

Daily showers dry out your skin

We like to be clean and fresh and our shower habits are unmistakable proof of this fact. Many people hop in the shower twice a day even to rinse off a sweaty work out or to release the stress of the day. But warm water and soap dissolve skin oils and these oils protect and keep your skin hydrated. So keep your shower sessions short and not too hot, lukewarm is best, and make sure you moisturize and nourish your skin afterwards to prevent it from drying out. Buy your BODY MOISTURIZERS.

BODYCREAM RANGE Blog Skin Care March 18th

Stress causes wrinkles

Collagen is produced by the skin and makes it look young and beautiful. Very simply explained: when you’re stressed you can experience an imbalance of hormones due to raised cortisol levels. Cortisone is a primary stress hormone and known to influence the breakdown of collagen. The mores stress, the less collagen and less collagen means more wrinkles. Not to blow our own trumpet but we have all the means to help you really relax… and that is the first step you can take to improve your overall health, not only your skin. Here’s your ultimate way to DE-STRESS

Hydrate your skin from the in and outside

Although dry skin is in fact a matter of genetic disposition, you can help your body with proper hydration to maintain a healthy function of all its organs. Drinking enough water supports flushing out toxins and that could improve the appearance of your skin. Moisturizing with creams and oils do certainly help, but it is a combination of these three (genetics, hydration and moisturizing) that determines how your skin looks.

Water Blog Skin Care March 18th

Certain foods can help the appearance of your skin

The skin is a reflection of your total body health. Vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and other micronutrients from food definitely contribute to a healthy body and thus a healthy skin.
A healthy varied diet is therefore important. So does chocolate aggravate acne or blemishes? FABLE
No it doesn’t. Studies have proved that it doesn’t influence the outbreak of pimples more than anything else you eat. More good news: the same goes for other often blamed foods like pizza or potato chips.

SUN RAYS Blog Skin Care March 18th

Higher SPF means better protection and applying sun cream less often

There are three kinds of ultraviolet (UV) rays: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA rays penetrate the skin fairly deeply, altering your pigmentation to produce a tan. UVB rays are the rays that are primarily responsible for when your skin burns. UVB really damage your skin’s DNA, cause photoaging, pigment spots, and skin cancers. UVC rays are absorbed by the atmosphere and never make it to your skin.
The SPF on a sun care product refers to the amount of protection it offers from UVA or UVB rays. Obviously your skin needs protection from both. Broad spectrum means protection against UVA and UVB so use that and use a minimum of SPF 15. An SPF of 15 screens out only about 93 percent of UVB light, an SPF of 30 filters out 97 percent and SPF 50 filters out 98 percent. The trick is to reapply at least every two hours for your sun care to offer you its best protection. Get your sun cream here: SUN CREAMS

Tanning booths are safer because they don’t expose you to UVB rays

Unprotected tanning in the sun can be very unhealthy for your skin, it can lead to premature aging and even skin cancer. Tanning salons often state that the UVB rays that cause your skin to burn have been filtered out. But unfortunately they still expose your skin to UVA rays which are known to penetrate the skin deeper. Any exposure to UVA or UVB can cause damage so tanning booths are no different.

You don’t need any sun protection cream on a cloudy day

No, no, no! Even on a cloudy day the UV radiation from the sun reaches the earth’s surface. Always use sun protection and if your out and about reapply it every two hours, especially after swimming or sweating. And don’t think that make up with an SPF will cover your skin. It doesn’t. It has less concentrated effect than sunscreen. To reach the same protection you would have to apply 15 times the amount of make up you would normally use so please make sure you use sunscreen in addition to your makeup.

Expensive skin care products work best

We all know the hypes and we all have heard about the anti aging creams that cost up to 200 euro’s leading some of us to believe that we buy innovative magic in a jar. It must be gold then because many more affordable products actually do a better job than most of these fancy marketing stories. Most active ingredients in anti aging creams are similar whether you buy them from a drugstore or a fancy boutique. It doesn’t mean they are not good, but it often means your paying for the feel, smell and packaging. RITUALS offers a very affordable skin care range for even skin type that look feel and smell great and that won’t break your piggy bank. So why not give it a try? Get your skin care here: SKIN CARE
SKINCARE RANGE Blog Skin Care March 18th

Facial Yoga Keeps Skin firm and smooth

Unfortunately that is not true. Prolonged and recurring facial muscle contractions can actually aggravate wrinkling. Remember your mother telling you not to frown to prevent wrinkles? She had a point. Wrinkles are like a permanent etching of recurring movements. There is also no concrete evidence that it keeps you face looking plump and firm. Volume loss is caused by decreased collagen, elastin and fat which all three can never be replaced by exercise.
Botox Blog Skin Care March 18th

Botox Can Prevent Wrinkles

In theory, yes. But no long-term studies support this claim. Botox prohibits the contraction of certain muscles, so over time you will see less creases and less depth in existing wrinkles. But proper skin care and use of sun creams are more reliable if you start them as early as possible. The same can not be said of Botox. So if you do feel you need it, only start when the first fine lines appear, usually around the age of 30.

If you have oily or acne prone skin don’t use a moisturizer

Although it sounds like a contradiction even oily skin needs moisturizing because oil is not moisture and your skin still needs hydration. Contrary to popular beliefs moisturizers do not clog your pores and cause blemishes, in fact it can help reduce outbreaks. At all times do not use vaseline or other products that seal off your skin and make sure you use an oil free and non comedogenic formula.

Washing your face more often cures acne

Washing your face constantly throughout the day does not aid in reducing acne. In fact,it could worsen it by stripping the skin of essential oils and drying it out unnecessarily. So restrict washing your face to two and max three times daily. And apply moisturizer afterwards.

Cellulite can be cured

Cellulite might also be something that some people have a genetic predisposition to. Some people have it and some not so much. Unfair as it seems there is no permanent fix to remedy this. Even liposuction which removes excess deep fat deposits and may aid to improve the look of the surface of you skin does not always completely get rid of the dimpled effect of cellulite. It is good to know that no cellulite fix is permanent. Some treatments might minimize the look of cellulite, such as creams that help break down fat cells and massaging tools that flatten out fat cells a bit so it looks less pronounced. But these remedies are temporarily and last at best a few months.

So now that you know some fact and fables on skin routines we don’t need to tell you that guarding your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is your best and most important bet to keep your skin looking its natural best. Enjoy the sun, but enjoy it safely…

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