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Our exclusive bed and body mist collection is one of our personal favourites. They contain little alcohol, are safe to spray on both skin and textiles and contain no parabens. In fact our complete product collection is free of parabens. But of course the best thing is that they smell so incredible good and come in five beautiful fragrances that can be used in a number of creative ways. If that doesn’t give these beauty blessings the status of new must have essentials, we don’t know what will.

1. Body Perfume

As a body perfume our body mist provides you with a lovely delicate scent throughout the day. They are the better choice during warm weather especially, because real perfume can cause your skin to feel sticky. Another bonus is that our body mist will give you a refreshed feeling while hydrating your skin. Make sure you have one in your purse at all times.

2. Room spray

Our Bed & Body mist is perfect for giving your house a last minute fragrance boost. Scent your surroundings with a few sprays and your home smells fresh and fabulous in no time.

Blog Body Mist

3.Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can build up a nasty odour over time due to pet hairs and dust to name only two culprits. But there is a remedy. Spray a little Bed & Body mist on a cotton ball and vacuum it up. The fragrance of your Bed & Body mist will spread throughout the house as you clean. Please note that you should never spray the Bed & Body mist directly into your vacuum cleaner, this can damage your appliance!

4.Unwind for the night

Especially our Yin bed and body mist fragrance will help you relax and unwind when you go to bed. Spray the mist on your pillow and duvet or blanket and the fragrance will help you have a peaceful night. The Bed & Body mist is safe to use on all linen and textiles because it contains only a small amount of alcohol.

V2 Blog Body mists

5.Refresh your clothing

Refresh your clothes when they reek of cooking fumes or other unpleasant odours. Leave your garment outside overnight and spray some mist on it in the morning before you place it back in your wardrobe.

6.Wrapping paper

Spray a little Bed & Body mist on your wrapping paper making it personal and extra special for the person on the receiving end of your gift.

7. Personalized Note

Spray a small amount of body mist perfume on a personal note or letter for the special person in your life. It’s a little gesture that leaves a loving impression.

8.Car refresher

Our car perfumes are the perfect way to fragrance your vehicle. But for emergency smelly disasters you can also use our bed and body mist. Spray your favorite fragrance around and your car will smell like home.

9. Wardrobe

Is your Bed & Body mist bottle almost empty? Place the almost empty bottle ( without the spray nozzle) in your wardrobe. It will smell fresh and pleasant so you can enjoy every last bit of your Bed & Body mist!

Now you know all the versatile ways to make the best of our Bed & Body mist! We personally like them all, which one is your favourite? Shop them HERE

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