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“Watching a photo image very slowly develop still gives me goosebumps after all those years.” – Bert, photographer.

An exquisite form of art

In the new age of digital images it can be almost considered a form of art when a photographer opts for the old fashioned way of working: shooting and developing on film. In our behind the scenes video Bert explains the reason for choosing this special, and in today’s world almost extinct, quality and tells you why this way of working is so appealing to him. The rituals and routines of the man who carefully composed the images for our new Urban Samurai men’s grooming campaign.

Behind the scenes

Creating an image involves a whole lot of people. Meet the complete “Samurai Crew” who is responsible for the new campaign images of our all new grooming range for men. Curious what this collection stands for? A range of excellent skin, shave and body products that allow the modern Samurai to battle everyday challenges while being groomed to perfection. Just like the ancient Samurai did centuries ago. Because they had realised very early on, that looking good installs a sense of confidence. And confidence gives you the upper hand when it comes to reaching for success. Find the new collection here: ANCIENT SAMURAI

Behind the scenes


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