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Summer and music go together like strawberries and cream so it is no wonder that this is the time of the year that most music festivals take place. And although the most famous and most talked about festival in history was probably Woodstock in America in 1969, it was certainly not the first. And for all we know now it wasn’t the last. On the contrary: in the last few decades the popularity of the whole music festival scene has taken flight big time. So it is time for a list, a festival bucket list, of big and famous music events all over the world. Make sure they’re on your list and try to visit at least one of them once in your lifetime…

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Burning Man Festival Nevada USA

Although it is not strictly a music only festival, this event could very well be the holy grail of festivals worldwide and for that reason tops our festival bucket list. By the end of August each year more than 50.000 (more tickets will not be sold) festival fans will spend a week camping in the Black Rock desert in Nevada. The philosophy of the Burning Man Festival, which originated in 1986, is to bring experiences to people in grand, awe-inspiring and joyful ways that lift the human spirit, address social problems and inspire a sense of culture, community and personal engagement. Throughout the year volunteers from all over the world build the burning man world in all its splendid glory and on the last Monday of the month of August it opens its ‘doors’.

Money is forbidden here; you will not be able to buy anything so you must bring everything you will need (food, transportation, tents etcetera) for the week-long festival that is often described as the place “where Mad Max meets Woodstock”. The festival’s site, on a dried-up lake bed, is a desert landscape with giant sculptures that are burned each night of the festival. The week-long annual Burning Man festival comes to a conclusion when the huge wooden man which gives the event its name, is set on fire. Tickets are enormously popular and often sold out within no time. But in April you can also visit Africaburn, one of its sister events. Want to find out more about what is exactly is? Visit this link: BURNING MAN

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Tommorrowland is a large electronic music festival held in Belgium. The festival takes place in the town of Boom, Belgium close to the city of Antwerp and was organized for the first time in 2005. It has since become one of the most notable global music festivals and is a beautiful cross between a luxury amusement park and a musical explosion. Age is no matter here, young and old mix and that is part of the attraction.

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Glastonbury Festival, UK

It is probably the largest outdoor music and performing arts festival in the world and a blueprint for all the festivals that have followed in its footsteps. The difference is that Glastonbury has all the best aspects of being at a festival in one astonishing bundle. More than other popular festivals, Glastonbury incorporates several types of art: dance, poetry, theatre and more. Although it started small, the festival now sells out in hours. And with good reason because going to Glastonbury is lik going to an alien country. Coming to Glastonbury you’ll have to be prepared for some travel and need to be willing to wait in a queue to get in. But once you’ve overcome those challenges you enter a huge tented city where the rules of society are a little more free. A once in a lifetime experience as some say.

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Sziget Festival, Hungary

Sziget is one of the biggest multicultural events of Europe. It started in 1993 and attracts close to 400 000 fans from over 70 countries to a beautiful island in the heart of Budapest. If you’re looking for the ultimate festival-holiday experience with non-stop party, great live concerts and a beautiful city to visit at a stone’s throw away, this is the place to go. More info here: SZIGET

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Ibiza Closing Parties, Spain

The best is nearly aways saved for last and this might ring true when it concerns Ibiza.
Ibiza will always attract music lovers in Summer thanks in part to the big venues like Pasha, Ushaia, Space, Amnesia and the likes where the best DJ’s of the world show up to run a gig. But in September the island enters magical time. August crowds are gone and generally the people that will visit the island are here for the music. The production is incredible, many venues open up outdoor arenas to give a unique clubbing experience and boost the numbers of people who can enjoy their Ibiza Closing Party. Expect a slightly more mature crowd than you experience in the middle of the season as Ibiza veterans come out purely for closings. Ibiza Closing Parties start at the end of August and run throughout September.

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Coachella, USA

In 1993 Pearl Jam threw a concert for 25.0000 people that would inadvertently result in the birth of the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival. As part of a boycott against Ticketmaster, the Pearl jam management chose a venue for their concert in one of America’s hottest and driest locations at a secluded location: Indio’s Empire Polo Club which is several hours driving from major city centers. Indio proved to be fitting for a large music festival: Coachella. Although August proved to be too hot so now the festival takes place mid to end of April each year with a fully functioning Ferris Wheel as a recognizable landmark. Since then the festival has had many ups and downs not always being the highest grossing event of its kind like it is now with roughly 200.000 visitors each year. Line up always feature big names like Afrojack, Aviccii, to Davide Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and Tiesto and everything in between. COACHELLA Get a wonderful impression of what the atmosphere is like, in the video below…

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