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Reading is a wonderful way to travel without leaving the comfort of your own sofa. A good book has the power to transport us to another place, lead another life and learn things we could never know from our everyday experience. These four books lead you on a journey inward, so that with each page you turn, you get closer to your essential self. Find a comfy spot, turn off all distractions and start reading.


The Untethered Soul
The journey beyond yourself (Michael A. Singer) What would it be like to free yourself from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries? By tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness, author and spiritual teacher Michael A. Singer shows how the development of consciousness can help us to live in the present and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.

Bridge to the Soul
Journeys into the music and silence of the heart (translated by Coleman Barks) 13th-century Persian poet and mystic Rumi’s poetry is a bridge between the mystery of being human and the mystery of the divine. This book will let Rumi’s poetry carry you into the interior silence and joy of your spirit, the place that unites conscious knowing with a deeper, more soulful understanding.

Rumi’s Little Book of Life
The garden of the soul, the heart, and the spirit (translated by Maryam Mafi and Azima Melita Kolin) This collection of mystical poetry focuses on one of life’s core issues: coming to grips with our inner life. During the course of our lives, each of us is engaged in an inner journey – Rumi’s Little Book of Life can be a guide for that journey.

The Seat of the Soul
An inspiring vision of humanity’s spiritual destiny (Gary Zukav) This iconic book encourages you to become the authority in your own life. It will change the way you see the world, interact with other people, and understand your own actions and motivations.

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