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Candles have been lighting the way for mankind for thousands of years. At first to illuminate the darkness, later as a sacred fire in religious rites, to celebrate life’s significant moments or in memory of loved ones. The flickering flame of a candle is often regarded as a metaphor for the spiritual soul. In addition to this meaningful symbolism there is also a physical quality to candles that is of profound value. For the gracious and almost hypnotic beauty of soft glowing candle light has the ability to give light and peace to the human soul. No wonder candles have always played a prominent role in meditation practices around the world.

History of Candles

Candles most likely originated in China around 200 BC. they were produced from whale fat. In Europe candles were made from various forms of natural fat, tallow, and wax. In Ancient Rome, candles were made of tallow because beeswax was too expensive. Candles were widely used in medieval times and they could be found in great halls, monasteries, churches, cottages, and shops.

For many centuries, candles were considered expensive items in Europe. Burt around the 16th century the standard of living improved and candles were found in ordinary households more and more. Everyday candles were made of animal fat (tallow), usually from sheep or cows. These candles were a dark yellow colour and probably did not smell very pleasant. The quality of candle light depended upon the type of material used. Beeswax, for example, gave off a much brighter light than tallow.

Light up your life

Customs and traditions allow us to make a deeper connection with the world and the people around us. They give us a foundation to create happy memories for life. Therefore the ritual of lighting a candle can literally brighten your life. To help you create your own candle ceremony simply light on of our new luxury scented candles.

The Private Collection

We proudly present you the Private Collection, now in stores. Eight new luxury scented candles, each diffusing a unique signature scent. We found the inspiration for these wonderful fragrances in the authentic and rich fragrances from Arabia and Byzantium to ancient Persia and beyond. Next time you’re looking for peace of mind, light a luxury candle, close your eyes, imagine a warm starry night in the desert and let the beautiful scent transport you to faraway places in the mystic Orient.

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The deep oriental notes of Oudh combine beautifully with rich spices and powdery Patchouli creating a perfume with a distinctive character. Let the mysterious layers of this exclusive fragrance whisper to your soul and put your mind at ease.

An elusive and refined fragrance composed of beautiful orchid notes that evolve into an intense oriental vanilla heart. A touch of warm spices, distinguished woody-smoky accents and the softness of sandalwood make this perfume an unforgettable experience.

Oriental spices wrap themselves around the seductive facets of incense and slowly descend on a sweet base of smooth sandalwood and golden amber. A rich and precious perfume permeates the air and fills your home with embracing warmth.

A warm and familiar fragrance reminiscent of dry wood hissing and crackling in an open fire on a crisp fall evening. Dark leathery accords combined with smoky woods, are pleasantly subdued by a touch of floral notes and precious musk.

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A very natural and clean basil perfume which will conjure up recollections of a cool summer morning in the invented garden of paradise. Fresh minty notes and green herbal basil grant you a truly sensorial experience.

Dark red fruits emerge with crisp and impactful effect when blended with sparkling grapefruit. Wrapped in a delicate floral bouquet this unique combination induces an exciting and addictive fragrance.

The earthly realm embraces you by means of slightly moist grass, notes of creamy ripe fig and fresh violet petals. Soothe your soul with a green herbaceous fragrance that rounds off with a distinctive creamy layer of sweetness.

A bright and seductive combination of sparkling mandarin and a whisper of sweet and rich spices. Woody back notes with sweet amber and musk give way to a luxurious fragrance that breathes positivity and exclusivity.

We are curious to find out which candle you like best, although we’re pretty sure it will be a touch choice…

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