Restoring Your Balance with Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda are inextricably intertwined. Ayurveda is an Indian practice of life that focusses on the balance between body and soul. Yoga ensures that the body and soul stay connected. To fully embrace the Ayuverdic lifestyle, yoga becomes indispensable. Let our yoga expert, Laura, guide and show you…

Let Love In

Rachel shows you the way to open your heart and increase the flow of love with a special yoga exercise.

Yoga for breakfast

Hello sunshine! Start your day Zen with these 12 easy Sun Salutation yoga poses. Stand with both feet touching and balance your weight equally on both feet. As you breathe in, bring your arms together, palm to palm in front of your chest. Breathing in, raise your arms upward….

More Peace with Yoga

Are you longing for more peace and steadiness in your busy life? Deborah Quibell, Rituals’ residentyoga and meditation expert, helps you achieve this with some simple yoga exercises. Unlike a lot ofmeditation practice, Deborah advises you to not control your breathing and instead use it as a focalpoint for…