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In an increasingly hectic world life can be busy and complicated and finding the time to do unwanted and unpleasant chores is not a high priority on anyones’s to do list. But by incorporating these daily organizing rituals on the go and with only a little extra of your time, you’ll be rewarded with a well maintained house that embraces you with comfort and freedom to enjoy the moment…

Daily Organizing Routines

1. Make the Bed As soon as you wake up, open the covers to air them. After your shower make up the bed, because a made bed makes your room look more organized instantly.
2. Manage Clutter It seems that there is always something that belongs somewhere else. Instead of waiting for the big spring clean up, make a daily round around the house and pick up everything that is out of place and put them in a laundry basket. This you can sort out yourself or you can assign these chores to the kids.
3. Sort the Mail Don’t wait till the mountain of mail looks insurmountable. Simply sort it every day in different folders and finalize payments and follow up once a week on Sunday evening.
4. Clothes Fold and hang them back in the closet every evening. Bring the dirty laundry to the laundry room on a daily basis (and urge your family members do the same) to avoid heaps of clothes lying around. It seems that the bigger the mess gets the more effort it takes to tackle it. And that makes things even worse.
5. Clean as you cook. Clean up used pots and pans while you cook so you don’t end up with a mega mess. Little chores can be easier dealt with mentally than one big task.
6. Fresh air Open the windows for half an hour a day. Clean air is vital to your surroundings and to your health.

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