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Ask a lot people what the key to happiness is, and they’ll tell you that true happiness lies in accepting yourself—flaws and all.  While this is a modern take, this message actually has roots in Daoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy and for some, a religion.  

Daoists believe you must never interfere with the natural course of events, meaning you must accept your circumstances and live as close to nature as possible. Happiness lies in simplicity and harmony with Dao and to achieve this, you must accept yourself.

The first known Daoist text was written around 550 BC by philosopher Lao Tze, or “Old Master,” as it is written in Chinese characters. His masterwork, consisting of no less than 81 chapters, is called the Tao Te Ching, which translates to The Classic Virtue of the Dao. While historians disagree about Lao Tze being the true father of Daoism, the simple matter is that Daoism has been around for hundreds of centuries and is practiced by over 3 million people worldwide today.

Modern-day Daoism is often referred to as “The Way,” “The Path,” or “The Flow.” People are encouraged to live by discovering who they are as individuals. Daoists accept that their nature is always changing and yet, it stays the same. This is because of Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang are what Daoists call the two balancing forces of nature. These forces are opposing, yet complementary: one cannot live without the other and they are found in all forms of life. These energies can be thought of as dark and light, cold and hot, male and female and so forth.

The goal should be that Yin and Yang are always equal and balanced. Unfortunately, when our lives get busy and we feel too much pressure, these forces can become imbalanced. Yin may prevail or Yang could dominate, causing us unhappy feelings or even physical illness. In order to restore balance, we need to return to a harmonious state. This is best accomplished by pausing, taking a step back and reflecting on what is really important. We need to nurture our need for inner peace.

The Ritual of Dao collection was created with this in mind. Whether it’s pampering yourself with a warm, soothing bath or enjoying a relaxing massage, The Ritual of Dao will soothe your senses and bring more peace and tranquillity into your life.

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