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If you’re like us, you’re thrilled that the winter is finally over and that spring has sprung. You’re energized and renewed on the inside, even if your outside is still feeling the effects of the cold weather. Naturally, you want your appearance to reflect how you’re feeling—starting with your skin. Here are some simple ways to get that rejuvenated complexion so that you can radiate spring through each and every pore.

1. Don’t skimp on the sleep.
As former supermodel and media mogul Tyra Banks famously said, “The most important item in your make-up bag is a good night’s sleep.” Although the nights are getting shorter, don’t let that interrupt your rest. During sleep, our blood flow increase and our cells regenerate—both of these things are essential for healthy skin. When you don’t get the recommended 6-8 hours per night, you risk puffy eyes and dark circles beneath them, a bad look on anybody. So, get those zzz’s if you want to glow.

2. You (and your skin) are what you eat.
Vitamin C is your skin’s best friend: it boosts collagen (the stuff that your body produces naturally until around the age of 30 and can be injected later on to reduce wrinkles) and is a powerful anti-oxidant. The collagen keeps your skin smoother and the anti-oxidants promote unclogged pores, reducing the chance of blemishes. Want your skin to look younger and healthier? Load up on things like blueberries, broccoli, oranges and sweet potatoes and let them work their age-defying magic.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…did we mention moisturize?
With the winter comes harsh winds and cold that dries the skin out, damaging it and making it look ashen. Not even oily skin escapes this trap, so even if your face tends to be on the shiny side, make sure you use a day cream without oil to keep things hydrated. And if you suffer from flaky patches on a normal basis, it’s wise to boost your moisturizing routine even further during winter and well into the spring.

4. Sweat it out!
A good cardio routine not only helps you get rid of those unsightly winter pounds, it also increases blood circulation, bringing the blood closer to the surface of the skin. This is why you get those adorable, rosy cheeks at the gym! Exercising three times a week will improve the cell structure of your skin, giving it an overall youthful appearance. Just be sure you properly cleanse after every workout to keep breakouts at bay–the last thing you want is acne when trying to look your best.

5. Spoil yourself every Saturday
The weekends are a time for relaxing, and why shouldn’t your skin also get in on that action? Treating yourself to a weekly facial is some serious skin wisdom, and it doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money or even leaving the house. Be sure to use a good exfoliating product so that old skin cells are removed to make room for new ones, and because you have more time to spend, don’t forget the toner. A good toner minimizes the size of your pores and fights impurities—a total skin win!

Look as good as you feel this spring by following these helpful hints. The year is young and you want your skin to be, too.

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