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Time flies by so fast. Days, weeks, months, years pass by in the blink of an eye. Do you find it hard to take it slow in a fast-paced world? Read on to find out how you can create stillness in your life.

1. Focus

When you finally find that moment to enjoy time for yourself or with others, focus on them: be present. Don’t think about anything else. Be mindful and enjoy the company of your family and friends to the fullest; these are valuable moments and they need to be treasured.

2. Do less

Are you always doing several things at a time? Try to do less. Multi-tasking puts the brain under such stress that it actually hurts your productivity. Focus on things that are really important and let go of the rest. When you’ve crossed everything off your list for the day, resist the urge to start something new. Just sit back and enjoy some me-time. You deserve it.

3. Unplug

Make an effort to completely unplug from the world around you every now and then. Put your phone and computer away to eliminate interruptions and distractions. Set times when you unplug and make them a habit. Treat yourself to some fragrant candles and enjoy the peace of being offline.

4. Into the wild

Escape the turmoil of city life and get back in touch with nature. Visit a forest, take a hike through the dunes, bike through the countryside or enjoy an afternoon by the water. Enjoy the peace and quiet, listen to the birds sing, hear the water flow and appreciate the beauty of the earth. Suddenly, all your worries will no longer feel as urgent as they were in the city.

5. Meditate

Shut yourself off from the craziness happening around you through the power of meditation. Get rid of all negative feelings and focus. Did you know there are a lot of different meditative techniques? Learn more here about the different types of meditation.

Slowing down may be difficult considering the pace of modern life, but by following these few tips it will get better. You’ll find yourself being more mindful, more in the moment and you’ll learn that slowing down can be easier than you originally thought.

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