There’s nothing like the power of perfume to evoke a specific time and place. The new winter limited fragrances in our Oriental Essences collection will make you feel like you’re travelling amongst the exotic palaces of Arabia. Here’s how.

The rituals of perfume, as we know them today, may have been discovered by the Egyptians. They heated a mixture of wood, herbs and resin on a fire to pay tribute to the Gods. This mixture released wonderful scents that the Egyptians called Per Furum, which literally means ‘by fire’. The herbal and aromatic elements are also essential to Oriental perfumery.

For our new winter limited editions, our perfumers found their inspiration in ancient Arabia. Here, they discovered unique spices and ingredients which, when combined, create the ultimate scent explosions to take you on enchanting journeys. One just as exclusive and unique as the next. Embark on one of these voyages through our new range of eau de parfum in the Oriental Essences collection.

The new winter limited editions for men and women are shining stars of the collection, with elements of elemi and musk for her, and pink pepper and patchouli for him. Elemi is derived from a tree native to the Philippines, and its scent is most reminiscent of sharp pine and lemon. Patchouli is a bushy herb that grows in the tropical areas of Asia. It is a member of the mint family and possesses a strong, somewhat masculine aroma. Both the men’s and women’s fragrances are based on amber, from the Arabic word ambar. Amber is best known for having a warm, musky and honey-like scent.

Words can only paint a picture of these exotic, powerful fragrances. You need to smell them to truly experience the exotic luxury they evoke. We invite you to stop by your favourite Rituals store and give them a try. Travel to the wonderful world of the Orient with us and treat your senses.


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