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For thousands of years people in Asia have known the secrets of botanical extracts.

The facts

Did you know that Roseroot has been used by Tibetans for over 3000 years to improve their skin’s natural defense and elasticity? Or that the Moringa is commonly known as ‘the wonder tree’ due to all the fabulous qualities it seems to have?  Find out more about the unique effects of these and other botanical extracts; you’ll love what it does for your skin!

Moringa & Lotus

Lotus Flower extract fights the effects of pollution, and the extract of the Moringa plant nourishes and moisturizes your skin. Both botanicals are the leading actors in our cleansing range which includes seven luxurious products to thoroughly cleanse and calm the skin. Take for example our Sensational Soft Cleanser, it’s an ultra-soft, soap free gel cleanser that melts into a nourishing oil on your skin before transforming into a cleansing lotion.

Fu Ling & Boswellia Serrata

These extracts safeguard the skin against external aggressors. Boswellia Serrata aids in calming your skin and additionally helps to reduce redness and irritation. Fu Ling relieves itching and reduces stress. These and soothing Aloe Vera, are the main ingredients in our calming Sensitive Skin Face Lotion which provides intense hydration, while strengthening the skin’s barrier function.

Blue Ginger & White Tea

Blue Ginger and White Tea assists hydration and restoration of your skin’s own moisture balance. White Tea contains a high concentration of polyphenols that protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. Our 24H Hydrating Gel Cream with Blue Ginger and White Tea gives the skin a feeling of freshness and is based on natural antioxidants and an active hydrating complex. Furthermore the cream contains Hyaluronic acid and Blue Ginger extract to quench the thirst of dry skin.

Tibetan Roseroot & Papaya

Revitalising botanical extracts of Tibetan Roseroot and Papaya will help your skin look more radiant and glowing while it softens the skin at the same time.  You’ll find these lovely extracts amongs others in our Anti-Aging range. These products have been carefully composed to fight the first signs of aging and it also promotes your skin’s natural radiance with proven anti-aging ingredients. Our Essential Anti-Aging Day Cream (SPF 15) reduces the appearance of fine lines and revitalises your skin to leave you looking positively glowing!

Cistus Incanus & Sand Lily

Firming botanical Cistus Incanus extract, also known as the “Plant of Beauty”, increases hydration and resilience, improves skin’s texture and visibly reduces wrinkles. Hibiscus extract diminishes lines and relaxes facial muscles. These extracts are the main compounds in our Absolute Lift Serum. Additionally it contains the minimizing age spot extract of Sand Lily and firming botanicals. Our serum is ultra-concentrated to visibly improve firmness and elasticity while reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Check out all the products from our Advanced Botanical Skin Care online, visit one of our shops for personal skin care advice or run our skin care tool to find out what your skin craves!

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