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Discover the place where the RITUALS… journey once started and where East meets West in all its beautiful glory.

Parisian roots

The opening of our first retail store in Paris this week marked a very significant moment in the life of our company. After all, it brought RITUALS… back to the place where it all started only 15 years ago: La Pagode. It was indeed at this special location that CEO Raymond and his team sat down at the table with one of the most prominent players in the world of fragrance. And it would be the important tipping point of launching his mission: to establish a luxury home and cosmetics brand that offers unique fragrances as a key component to transform everyday routines into more meaningful moments.

V3 The Pagoda
The RITUALS… Team from France and Amsterdam headquarters at the beginning of our press event.

Full Circle

You could indeed say that life has come full circle now that we returned to The Pagoda for our Paris opening press event. Although that would almost indicate that RITUALS… has reached its final destination. Au contraire!, as the french like to say, because the opening in Paris is only another, albeit a very important one, step forward in our journey to conquer the world with a beautiful and remarkable philosophy and lifestyle.

La Pagode has become a special place in our history due to these facts but even more so when you consider its architecture. The exceptional Asian style building stands out in its magnificent beauty, in sharp contrast with its typical french neighbors in this Parisian Rue. It must have been a forebode of the RITUALS… success story since all our products are inspired by ancient traditions from Asia and the East. A perfect match made in heaven. But La Pagode has a a special history all by itself which is quite interesting in its own right.

V2 The Pagoda

History of The Pagoda

The Pagoda is situated in the famous 8th district of Paris, adjacent to the Parc Monceau. La Pagode is considered by locals as an architectural extravaganza of Paris. Nestled in a quiet street and originally constructed as a hôtel particulier in the French Louis Philippe style, the building was bought in 1925 by Mr. Ching Tsai Loo, a celebrated collector and dealer of Chinese and Asian art and antiques. Aided by prominent architect Fernand Bloch and under the careful supervision and direction of Mr. Loo, the building was transformed into the Pagoda, and served as the home of Galerie C.T. Loo & Cie., showcasing an exquisite collection of Chinese and Asian art and antiques. Even today, the Pagoda continues to be one of the most fascinating buildings in Paris. Its landmark exterior, with its typical Chinese red color and architectural features, serves as the facade of a sumptuous interior with elaborate Shanxi lacquer panels. It pays tribute to Mr. Loo’s Chinese heritage in all its glory. Other remarkable thematic rooms within the Pagoda include the Salle Indienne, the Salle Cavaliers and the Petit Salon Porcelaine.

Today the new owner brought back the Pagoda to its old Asian glory. It now functions as an international meeting point for cultural exchange, strategic communication and a vibrant link between the Eastern and the Western World. And it was once again the place where this time Paris got its first encounter with our brand. The Pagode served as the location for the French press to get a full scale insight in what RITUALS… is all about.

If you ever find yourself in Paris pay a visit to the location of this special Parisian gem and don’t forget to drop by our new store located at 24, Rue Vieille du Temple. We have arrived in Paris, but this is only our first shop of hopefully many more to come!

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