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Have you ever stopped to wonder about your soul? How does the soul make us who we are and guide us in the choices that we make? Discovering ways to uncover, nurture and express your soul can be life-changing.

Our soul is our spiritual side, regarded as immortal. It is our moral or emotional nature—our sense of identity, our emotional or intellectual energy. It is the true us, the me-behind-the-mask, our spirit and essence. If we peel away all the layers of our character, we find our true selves. But peeling away all those layers can be difficult sometimes, even emotionally painful.

Some of us seem to have lost touch with our souls—we’re too busy; there’s too much ‘noise’ in our lives.  Practicing meditation—even for just a few minutes each day—is one of the most effective ways to get back in touch with our soul. It can help us connect with and get to know our true self—with our soul—by gently washing away those layers that we construct around ourselves. It can bring balance back into our lives, bringing us more peace and happiness.

Another liberating and beautiful way of getting in touch with (and ultimately expressing) our soul is through creativity. The art of creating is itself like a form of meditation. Whether it’s drawing, writing, painting, singing, inventing or even cooking, treating your artistic practice like a ritual could mean that you’re more inclined to do it regularly. Even if you think you’re not creative or artistic, it doesn’t matter—it’s not about the end result, but about taking part in the actual practice. So why not dig deep and make your creative expression a true expression of yourself? Let your soul shine through.

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