“A charming woman is a busy woman.”

–Loretta Young

Being a modern-day men or woman means struggling every day to find a few minutes to relax and recharge. We often have so many demands on us that we put ourselves last again and again. Which is truly counterproductive, because it’s only when we feel energised that we can devote that energy elsewhere. So, for everybody’s sake–not just our own–it’s time to find ways to relax. Read on to discover how you can help others by helping yourself.

Thirty Seconds of Scent

Literally can’t find a single minute to relax in your over-scheduled day? While in the shower, stop, spritz a bit of your favourite scented shower gel into your palm and breathe deeply for thirty seconds.  Fragrance has a powerful effect on mood, and inhaling a scent meant to relax you can clear your mind and relax your muscles. The Ritual of Dao foaming shower gel,  with its calming elements of white lotus and yi yi ren, is designed to do just that.

Wrap Your Hands around a Warm Mug

It only takes five minutes to drink a hot beverage, be it tea, coffee or a deliciously decadent cup of hot chocolate. There is something inherently soothing about feeling the warmth seep through the cup and into your hands, and because it’s hot, it can’t be gulped down in a few seconds. This forces you to take your time and truly enjoy each sip.

Ten Minutes to Un-tense

Various stretching and yoga exercises increase blood flow to the brain and the rest of your body. Increased blood flow results in lower blood pressure, which is healthy for a host of reasons. Since it is well-documented that most of us experience high blood pressure when we’re in stressful situations, it’s logical that taking a mere ten minutes out of our day to stretch or go through a few yoga poses will de-stress us and boost our energy level.

Book a Spa Day at Home

Feeling envious of a friend who looks supremely relaxed and has the glowing skin to prove it? You don’t need to book a long appointment at an expensive spa to get the same effect—simply transform your own bathtub into a luxury spa for thirty minutes. The Ritual of Sakura Collection  contains everything you need to turn the place where your kids take bubble baths into a relaxing oasis. The renewing properties of cherry blossom and rice milk will delight your senses, nourish your skin, and quiet your mind.

There’s a reason why flight attendants instruct parents to affix their own oxygen masks before attending to their children’s in an emergency: it’s only when you’ve helped yourself that you can help others. Being relaxed makes you a better mom or simply a better version of yourself. That’s definitely worth an investment of thirty minutes or less.

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