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Some people hit their pillow at night and instantly drift off into a deep and undisturbed sleep. Others find the act of finding that same level of relaxed sleeping a more challenging event because they wake up from the slightest of sounds or movements. And on top of that you have hormones which can run havoc on your sleeping patterns too.

Sleep Time

It is said that a good nights sleep consists of 6-8 hours depending on your body’s needs. And it is also a given that the hours you get to snooze before midnight are more rejuvenating than sleeptime after 00.00. This means that if you sleep 8 hours from 00.00 till 08.00, it might not do you as much good as when you sleep from 22.00 till 06.00. But we can relate to the rythm of night owls and we know from experience that it is kind of a tough habit to break.

V2 Tips for a restful sleep

Whatever kind of person you are, you know by now that nothing can brighten your morning more than waking up after a night of restful sleep. To help you alleviate sleeping problems or to help you establish a set of relaxing evening routines follow our 10 tips to help you drift off into dreamland more easily.

The Ultimate Evening Routine
1. Eat light

When you eat foods that are greasy or otherwise heavy on your stomach it will most likely interfere with your sleep. So either eat very early or keep it light and have a more solid lunch.

2. Disconnect

And by that we mean your phone, ipad or other tablets. You should preferably not use your phone as an alarm by the side of your bed either. All these electrical appliances can burden you system especially when your sensitive on specific energies already. For the same reason it is best not to allow a television in your bedroom.

3. Meditate

Meditation can be very beneficial for body and mind in many ways: in terms of focus, relaxation and releasing stress. So it is no surprise then hat meditation will also help you on your path to a good night’s sleep. Meditation might seem daunting when you’re a beginner but the new Rituals app will help you on your way. Curious? Find out more via this APP LINK

4. Walk

Take a leisurely stroll after dinner. Soak up some fresh air and walking will support digestion.

5. Slow Down

If you can, try to minimize exciting or mentally intensive activities after 8:30 P.M. It will be much harder to wind down your brain when it has been in full throttle mode prior to your going to bed.

6. Take a Bath

About an hour before bedtime, run a hot bath with The Ritual Of Dao Bath Foam. Because nothing helps you to unwind better than the soothing warmth of a silent and relaxing bath.

V3 Bath Evening Rituals Blog

7. Fragrance your room

Diffuse relaxing aromas in your bedroom with a spray or fragrance sticks. Our Ritual Of Dao Fragrance Sticks are perfect because of their subtle and calming fragrance.

8. Mini Massage

As your bath is running, perform a slow self-administered massage with The Ritual Of Dao Body Oil and let yourself submerge in the warm tub for ten to fifteen minutes.

9.Play Soothing Music

While soaking, have the lights low or burn a candle, and listen to soothing music. We have a mindfulness playlist on Spotify ready at your disposal: RITUALS RELAXING SPOTIFY LIST

10. Time for Tea

After your bath, drink a cup of warm relaxing herbal tea. We can highly recommend Emperors Dream, our herbal blend with Mint, Fennel Seed and purifying Meadowsweet.

11. Breathe and focus

Do not watch television or do any last minute work once your in your bed. This interferes with your body mind connection of shutting down for the night. Close your eyes and feel your body. Wherever you notice tension, consciously relax that area. Then focus on your slow easy breathing until you fall asleep.

And if all that fails or if you love to relax with some special exercise, it might be time to start thinking about a daily evening yoga routine to force your body into a calm and relaxed state. Rachel explains in this video how best to start your evening yoga in order to achieve a restful sleep.

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  • June 28, 2015 Reply


    It is very nice to pamper oneself before going to bed, and it is a Great Ritual,too. I like to Massage my Feet with footcream before sleep, it is very relaxing and good for softening the Skin a Little.

    Best, Biene

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