Our perfumers travelled back in time to uncover the mysteries of the Far East, where they discovered the unique spices and aromas for our Oriental Essences collection. Read on to learn more about the exotic ingredients which make the fragrances so unique and luxurious.


Tangerine, magnolia and bamboo of the NEW Oasis de Fleurs

Oasis des Fleurs evokes scents from a lush oasis, hidden in the desert of old Saudi Arabia. The tangerine is invigorating, and the magnolia is magical. Together they blend beautifully with fresh and cool qualities of spring water mixed with bamboo.

Elemi, amber and musk of the NEW Victoire d’Ambre

The fresh and spicy elements of Elemi, originating from the Elemi tree commonly grown in the Philippines, add something unique to this luxurious fragrance. The combination of amber and musk turns it into a warm and elusive perfume that delights your senses.

Wild orchid, Himalyan peony and cotton musk of Fleurs de l’Himalaya

The wild orchid adds a powerful element that diffuses beautifully with a refined bouquet of Himalayan peonies. The subtle hint of cotton musk adds the finishing touch.

Persian pepper, incense and wood aromas of Eau d’Orient

With its spicy hint of Persian pepper and incense, this scent is reminiscent of warm and alluring evenings in a Persian garden. Sharp hints of woody aromas complete the picture.

Saffron, cedar wood and mimosa of Nuit à Marrakech

Mimosa belongs to the family of butterfly plants. It adds an outburst of floral sensuality, tempered by a mysterious blend of saffron. A touch of cedar wood brings both worlds together, inspired by warm evenings in dreamy Marrakech.


Cardamom, fresh pinewood, patchouli of the NEW Marahaja d’Or

This unique fragrance is an ode to the Maharajas, the golden palaces and the indigenous spices of India. The enticing combination of the spicy, green freshness of cardamom and a soft touch of pinewood creates a scent that transports you to the sub-continent. Patchouli is an exceptional finishing touch.

Pink peppercorn, patchouli and amber of the NEW Palace d’Ambre

A fragrance inspired by an enchanting walk through a Persian palace. The distinctive pink peppercorn, patchouli and amber exude both warmth and masculinity. The scent comes alive with a hint of spicy pink peppercorn, while the smoky accent of amber and patchouli complete it.

Water mint, juniper berry and pinewood of Bleu Byzantin

Water mint is a refreshing and invigorating herb known for its peppermint scent. It adds a cool undertone to the fragrance, which is enhanced by the aromatic nuances of the juniper berry and the softness of pinewood. These aquatic elements take you back in time, to the vibrant harbours in old Byzantium.

Arabic Amber, white peppercorn and musk of Roi d’Orient

The smoky aroma of Amber and lush scent of Musk fuses with a dash of spicy white pepper, reminding you of ancient Arabia in a powerful and sophisticated fragrance.

Dark wood, patchouli and leather of Sultan de Muscat

Patchouli, an indigenous plant from India, Indonesia and the Philippines, interweaves with earthy elements of Dark Wood and smoky undertones of leather. A mysterious and enticing scent that evokes a Sultan’s palace.

Vetiver, green patchouli and oak of Oasis Verte

Vetiver is an invigorating grass type from India that mixes beautifully with the freshness of spring water and green patchouli. A hint of fresh oak adds makes you feel like you’re strolling through an Arabian oasis.

With all of these exotic ingredients, it’s no wonder that our Oriental Essences collection is so unique. Learn more about the journey that inspired it in this article and how to choose the right fragrance here.

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