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World-famous street artist MadC, born Claudia Walde in Bautzen, Germany, has made an entire career out of expressing her soul.  By immersing her studio in the fragrance from our new Summer Limited collection, she created a gorgeous work of art evocative of the scents of verbena and petit grain. We talked to her about her process, her rituals and the importance of expressing herself through her art.

How do you express your soul and what does that mean for you?

When I started painting in the streets I tried to follow the graffiti rulebook – painting a name in letters influenced by New York graffiti artists from the 20th century. I tried to put as much energy into each letter as I could. But with time I felt confined by the rules of this culture. Step by step I created my own style by dropping the typical graffiti letters. My aim was to express the energy of the painting process and the dynamics of the letters without clearly visualizing them. Each piece I paint today is a part of my soul.

What inspired you when creating the design for the Express Your Soul Limited Edition collection?

I closed my eyes and imagined colours inspired by the scent. Then I mixed suitable shade after suitable shade and painted the elements of the canvases born by the elements of the fragrance. It was a wonderful experience.

What it’s like to paint a wall?

“Painting a wall is a creative process and a sport at the same time. I paint with my whole body, therefore, what I paint is also part of the energy of the movement. When I paint large murals and I need the help of a lift, the physical challenge is different. While I am painting I am so focused and lost in my world that I don’t recognize the physical challenge involved. But when the wall is finished every muscle aches and it feels like you conquered a giant.”

Do you have a special ritual while creating graffiti art?

The ritual I have is more in the preparation process. I first sort my paint and arrange the colours by shades, then I sort my caps and put all my tools in position. Then I have a look at the wall from a distance for several minutes before I decide where to start. Then I put on my comfortable painting shoes and switch on my iPod. I want to get lost in my own world, so I don’t talk to people for some hours. It is like meditation for me, my very own happy place.

 “Our society doesn’t leave much space for silence and time to build up your inner strength. It is necessary to take a little time off to hear your own inner voice, your soul.”

What are your personal rituals?

I have many small rituals beside painting and all that is connected to it. I love cooking and make this a ritual at least once a week, meaning I decide on a recipe, go and buy the right ingredients and prepare the meal and the table. The ritual is complete with the whole family at the table enjoying the food. Another ritual is bathing and staying in the hot bath with a good book and nice products for at least an hour.

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