Travel is an ideal way to expand our minds with new adventures while rejuvenating both the body and spirit. Certain destinations can offer breath-taking experiences, and remind us how the awe-inspiring beauty of nature can humble and move us while gently soothing our souls.

Upper Antelope Canyon is part of a series of naturally occurring slot canyons—narrow, twisting passages through rock—in Arizona.

A sacred site for the Navajo, this dramatic, sculptural masterpiece is actually a petrified sand dune—created over millennia by wind and floodwater—and the result is an astonishing miracle of nature that least visitors awestruck by its beauty. Heavy floodwaters carried abrasive sand, rocks, logs and other debris picked up the sudden torrents. Over thousands of years, these floods sculpted natural corridors through the soft sandstone. Depending on the time of year, as well as the time of day that you visit, magical shafts of light illuminate the canyon’s sandstone walls, revealing layers of pink, orange and yellow in the morning, and transforming into purple, blue and magenta as the day progresses. Note that it’s essential to visit the canyon with a guide licensed by the Navajo tried, and definitely reserve in advance of your visit.

Cenote Samula, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico is known for its cenotes: underwater sinkholes formed when limestone caves collapse, revealing extraordinary underground pools. Their deep crystal waters are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving. There are thousands of cenotes in Yucatan—the Mayans thought they were sacred portals for communicating with the gods of the underworld.

The Cenote Samula features a gaping hole in the ceiling through which a massive system of tree roots reaches towards the water for sustenance.

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