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There is a reason why Japanese women are renowned for their beautiful complexion. One that can be found in the use of natural rice powder and rice milk in their skin care regimen for centuries. And indeed the benefits of rice work wonders on your skin. So it’s not surprising perhaps that we have infused our Ritual of Sakura collection with soothing rice milk to help you gain radiant glowing and super soft skin. So what is so great about it? We have listed 5 reasons why you’ll love what’s in it.

Traditionally rice milk is made by extraction from (jasmine) rice but it also contains a number of other natural ingredients that are good for your skin’s health. Rice milk is a hypoallergenic toner that can help soothe the skin. It also has a tendency to remove excess oils and impurities.


Rice milk is the perfect cleanser but instead of drying your skin like commercial cleansers it actually moisturizes your skin. Rice milk contains inositol, which promotes the healthy growth of cells and improves blood circulation – both help reduce the appearance of large pores and give your skin a more vital appearance.


Japanese women are famous for their milky white complexion. They like it that way and they want to keep it that way. And rice milk helps lighten the complexion. Its other natural ingredients, para amino benzoic acid, ferulic acid and allantoin, are responsible for lightening your skin and help to prevent skin pigmentation.


Rice milk also works as q scrub. Phytic acid, naturally found in rice milk, helps to break down dead skin cells, exposing the younger skin layer and voila that effect can be found in smooth and softer skin.

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Another great benefit of rice milk is that it apparantly also helps to slow down wrinkle forming of the skin. Rice milk extract is full of natural antioxidants: Gamma oryzanol, vitamin E, proanthocyanidins and other antioxidant compounds. These antioxidants help in maintaining the natural youthful appearance of your skin.


And when you have sensitive skin, Gamma oryzanol can in fact help to soothe irritated skin. It actually helps with an itchy skin as well. And when you’ve had a little too much sun it can aid with sunburnt skin and assists in repairing the sun damaged skin. Using rice milk on the face also helps remove blemishes and spots caused by the sun or hormonal changes. For people who suffer from a skin disorder known as rosacea, rice milk is an excellent choice to calm irritated skin and reduce redness.

So now you know it. Rice is not only good food it is also a natural supporter of your skin. So don’t throw out the water next time you cook rice for dinner. Instead save it and use it to clean and tone your face. And for your body? Well our Ritual of Sakura products can help you well on your way to feeling and smelling wonderful with its delicate fragrance of cherry blossoms. And it goes without saying that they’ll leave you with lovely soft skin!

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