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Busy lives often lead to busy minds, even when our need to quiet down and relax is greater than ever. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to create stillness after a day of running from appointment to obligation and back again. The Ritual of Dao product range was created to calm a stressed body and a worried mind, helping you release the day’s stress with its soothing elements of White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren.

The art of massage is a time-honoured method of bringing the body and mind to the point of ultimate relaxation. Unfortunately, the effort and time it takes to book an appointment, get to the location and wait for somebody to release the tension from our muscles can be a true hindrance. Enter The Ritual of Dao’s Relaxing Serum, a product you can apply yourself from the comfort of your own home and feel the stress start to melt away. Like the rest of The Ritual of Dao collection, it is enhanced with the calming property of Yi Yi Ren. In addition, it contains Chinese Peppermint—a ancient remedy for aching muscles.

In the video below, we show you exactly how this works. First, apply the serum to your third eye and use your fingers to gently massage it. The third eye, also known as the “mind’s eye,”is known in Taoism as being one of the main energy centres of the body located in the sixth chakra. It follows that massaging this area would assist in quieting your mind and body.

Secondly, apply the serum to your temples, performing the same massage with your fingertips. This is particularly helpful if you find yourself suffering from a headache. Headaches are either a result of vascular tension (constricted blood vessels) or muscle tension, both physical symptoms of mental stress.

Finally, apply The Ritual of Dao Relaxing Serum to the base of your neck, massaging it just as gently yet throroughly as you did in the first two steps. If you find that you frequently have knots in your back or shoulders, massaging this area with the serum will serve to loosen them. The base of the neck is rich with trigger points which become inflamed easily; applying pressure in a rhythmic way to this area will reduce swelling and tension.

Stress is a regrettable part of life, but giving yourself a much-deserved massage with Rituals’ Relaxing Serum is sure to reduce your stress levels and help you empty your mind before sleep.

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