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Meditation has become a more frequent activity nowadays. 
In time it’ll grow into a daily habit just like brushing your teeth. Clearing your mind can be intense but it only takes a few minutes every day for you to experience the benefits of meditation. Something they’ve been familiar with in Asia for more than thousands of years. Are you ready to become Zen?
A workout for your mind

Meditation is all about transforming the mind to live in the moment: this very moment.Relieving any stress from yesterday or worries for tomorrow. It allows you to see things for what they are when you’re in a peaceful state of mind. You should think of meditation as a workout for your body and mind, without having to leave your house.


Several archaeological studies show that the practice of meditation has been here for at least five thousand years. Buddha founded meditation. He reached enlightment after meditating for forty-nine days straight. After he rose from meditation he taught his learnings to others. His teachings are the foundation of meditation, as we know it today. It’s not necessary to follow his exact teachings for a Zen living. A few exercises a day will help you set the tone.

Asia only

Meditation has been here for years but was only practiced within Asia until the mid twentieth century. How come? Back then a trip to the Far East would not only take weeks but cost more than was earned in ones lifetime. The minute travelling cost less time and money, meditation finally crossed over to the West.

Embraced by hippies

Once the knowledge crossed the oceans, hippies embraced meditation with arms wide open. In the ’60 and ’70 they experienced the benefits of meditation.

Meditation throughout the years

Over the years meditation has grown immensely. With numerous books such as The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (1997) and The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire byDeepak Chopra (2003) meditation touches more people every day. In 2007 9,4% of all Americans have meditated at least once. Seven years later in 2014 100.000 people gathered for the largest meditation

event in history. This year, the Volkskrant published that 16% to 21% of the Dutch meditate once in a while, whereas 10% regularly.
Why meditate?

Around 2.000 studies show the following positive effects of meditation:
– Higher focus and attention
– More love for yourself and others
– Improves sleep, the immune system and memory
– Less stress, anxiety and depression

Enlightment in five minutes

Start shaping a more positive mind today with the Rituals app. Clear your agenda for only five minutes a day and think of it as a moment for yourself: me time. To achieve the best results we teamed up with the best. You might know Delight Yoga as theyoga experts but they also have a track record in mindfulness. Give it a try for fiveminutes every day and we’ll leave you wanting more.  


Think of your five-minute meditation as a ritual: a part of your day. Share your dailyrituals with the rest of the world with the hashtag #myrituals. It can be anything from whipping up cappuccino froth to a delicious snack moment. Be inspired or encourage others to take part in experiencing the benefits of meditation.

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