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We don’t know about you of course, but we often feel a little envious of people who know precisely what they want from life and who know how to achieve their goals with plenty of discipline but without a lot of effort, or so it seems.

Great vibes

They’re often confident in their skin and radiate an incredible amount of positive energy that brings life to the people around them. You can’t help yourself but wanting to be in their company simply because they have this vibe hanging around them that feels so good. And as simple as it may sound the people we talk about probably all have one thing in common: they practice daily routines to help them find the focus to get where they want to be, to find gratitude and joy in the little things and to be generally happy people. They might have acquired a set of rituals unknowingly, passed on by their parents or other influences, or they might have consciously created routines. Whatever the origin they have naturally adapted to habits and customs that make them feel good.

Morning ritual

If you read our previously blog on the rituals of successful people you will indeed find that incorporating special routines into your daily schedule can help you turn your life around for the better. After all: “You are what you repeatedly do every day.”

Their positive effects

Rituals make you who you are, they ground you, they energize you, they give you clarity, focus, reflection and moments of inner peace. And the best thing about rituals is that you can create your own starting right now. Because you can literally train yourself through practice. It should be said that this works both in positive and negative ways so be conscious of which path you decide to walk.

To help you get started we give you 10 tips to build a morning routine that will help you become your best you and that will make you take on the day positive and energized. A good start is half the work, isn’t it? And if you hold on to these routines long enough they will eventually become habits and we are positive that they will bring only good things into your life.


1. Smile
As soon as you wake up: smile! Not only physical but in your mind as well. After all you should be grateful you are alive and that you are the fortunate owner of another 24 hours in which you can make a difference for yourself and for others. You are what you think. is what Buddha said, so make it a habit to think positive.

2. Meditate
Early morning, when everything is still quiet,  is a great moment to reflect and slowly arouse all your senses. Enjoy the world around you and take some time to clear your head by just sitting in silence before the noise of the outside world trickles in. It is a great way to be in the moment, find focus and to start the day relaxed.

3. Focus on the positive
Instead of thinking about work related problems and other stresses, try to think of the things that make you grateful. Tell yourself that it will be an excellent day, even saying it out loud, and try to really feel it. The great thing about each morning is, is that it offers a new start on how you allow yourself to feel. Help yourself by highlighting the things about yourself that you are proud of. It will boost your confidence.

4. Drink Warm water
It is not only the mind that needs a positive boost. Water is a good way to get all your bodily processes fired up. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water 20 minutes before you have breakfast, gets your digestive system working and flushes out toxins; perfect for getting your energy flowing.

3 Shower Morning Rituals 13th May 2015

5. Cold Shower.
May we suggest you grab one of our scentsational SHOWERFOAMS to start your morning shower routine? And what is really important, try to finish your shower with 20 seconds of ice-cold water. It will shock your system, wake you up and provide oxygen to your body because the cold will have you involuntarily grasp for deep breaths. Some people swear by this routine and what is the effort of 20 seconds of cold compared to the effect it has on the rest of your day? You might even grow to like the cold in time!

6. Schedule the day
Another great thing you can do is checking your schedule or calendar to prepare you for the day. It gives you a grasp of what tasks are lined up for the coming days and it gives you control of the greater picture of what you’re working on. Additionally you could make a little to do list to keep you on track.

2 Morning Rituals 13th May 2015

7. Apply perfume
Scent is an excellent way to boost your mood. The power of fragrance is unmistakable and its influence on your emotions has been the topic for many scientific research papers. Fragrances can energize you, calm you down and can bring back childhood memories, to name a few. Make sure you surround yourself with a wonderful scent because if you smell good, you feel better about yourself and confidence is another means to improve your happiness levels. We have a beautiful selection of Eau de Parfums, for both men and women, that will give you a unique experience:  SHOP YOUR FRAGRANCE

8. Get moving
Whether you do this right after you have woken up or before your shower make sure you exercise in some way. No need to go for a half hour run, but if you want that is fine too of course. A few stretches, in the shower or while you meditate, or taking the dog around the block gets your body and mind literally moving. If you like to exercise, the morning would the best time. It ensures that it does not get bumped of your to do list by the end of the day due to lack of time.

9. Have breakfast
A healthy nutritious breakfast provides all the energy you’ll need to face the day. If you normally skip breakfast every morning, try getting up a few minutes earlier and force yourself to eat. Fifteen more minutes of sleep won’t help your energy levels but sitting down for breakfast can change your day in a positive way.

10. Play music
Play songs that make you happy. Music is a sure fire way to get in a great mood. And if you need a little inspiration, browse our SPOTIFY channel. We have romance, mindfulness, relaxing and classical playlists to suit your every mood.

Do you have any special morning rituals you wish to share with us? Please leave them in a comment below to complement our list.

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  • March 14, 2016 Reply

    Dan Neamtu

    Morning rituals can improve your life and self-confidence. I’m freelance web designer and I wake up at 5 in the morning to listen music, read news and trends, read blogs, to make lower back exercices, eat breakfast. After 8.30 I start to work for my clients, bringing them the best results. Morning rituals is the best discovery of my life.

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