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Nail the art of (near) perfection with these helpful tips and tricks.

1. No shaking

We get a little impatient every now and then, especially when the nail polish bottle cap has glued itself to the bottle once again. You might be tempted to shake it furiously but that won’t be very helpful, we can say from experience. Tip number 1: Never shake your nail polish bottle! This will create air bubbles that will affect its quality. Instead gently roll it between your hands to mix it thoroughly.

2. Keep it cool

When the weather is warm store your nail polish in the fridge; this will prevent your polish from running thick and will extend its shelf life considerably. By the way, it is always a good idea to leave your polish in the fridge for 15 minutes before you paint your nails. It will go on much smoother.

3. Vinegar prep

It is nasty, not nifty, when your nail polish starts to chip off. To prevent that disaster from happening, quickly soak your nails in white vinegar just before you apply your first layer of nail polish. Another great bonus: it will glide on much easier as well!

4. Quick dry

To quickly dry your nails, dip them in ice water right after you polish them. Sounds totally weird to soak wet polish in ice cold water but apparently it does the trick in only 3 minutes. Dip in for 20 seconds and leave them out to dry by air.

5. Vibrant colours

Apply a coat of white nail polish colour under the nail polish colour of your liking. It will make your nail polish colour appear much more vibrant. And if you want find out more about the history of nail polishing routines check this post.

6. Flawless application

Line your nails with petroleum jelly before painting them for an easy cleanup.To avoid errant nail polish strokes on your skin use a cotton swab to rub Vaseline on the skin around your nails first. This creates a barrier between the polish and your skin. You can wipe off the Vaseline and any polish mistakes along with it after you’ve painted your nails.

7. Protect nails

Nobody likes the look of stained and yellow nails so to prevent this protect the nail plait with a clear base coat.

8. Thin is the thing!

Preferably you apply several thin layers instead of one thick layer. A thick layer will only dry on the surface leaving all options open for smudging misery.

9.White nails

How to get white nails again after having them painted a little too often? Make a paste of 1 tbsp peroxide and 2 1/4 tbsp baking soda. Let this sit on your nails for 5 minutes and voila: white nails.

10. Simply the best

Last but not least: discover our beautiful nail polishes for nifty nails at any occasion. Did you know that our high quality polishes are made with pulverized mineral powders? That is why they literally are brilliant. Start painting but most of all: enjoy! Get your beauties here

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