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There are destinations in the world that are good enough to dream about, let alone visit one day. If you seek a real adventure to perk up your mood with a massive amount of happiness, you’ve come to the right place. We have selected a nice list of holiday destinations that are quite inspiring and surprising and that will give you all the happy awe you need.

This 2 day trip is not for the faint hearted traveller, as it comes with quite the price tag if you prefer the campsite all to yourself. But if you don’t mind having the company of strangers in the next tent over, this trip is affordable for everyone. Go by jeep and camel or do it the luxury way and take a helicopter flight right into the heart of the Sahara. Enjoy your evening in the most romantic ambience ever, enjoying an authentic Moroccan candle-lit dinner under a starlit sky and live music by the campfire. This is glamping at its best. Your hosts, the traditional Touareg nomads, will fill you in on all the details of their culture and life in the Sahara. The next day head back to visit the ancient city of Marrakech. We are sold…





If you do not easily warm up to the idea of sleeping like an eskimo you should really think again, because this is a very cool experience we think. Sweden offers an amazing opportunity to sleep in the cold at the Ice Hotel. This venue is rebuilt every year because, well, it melts in summer. And isn’t it fantastic to feel a little bit like the regal ice queen from Narnia?
The hotel opens on December 12th so if you’d like to take the plunge and do something different, book a room at THE ICE HOTEL

Travel Happiness Ice Hotel 30 november

Play the lead role in your own version of the Out of Africa movie and relive an era long gone. That is exactly the wonderful adventure you can have in Tanzania (or many other countries in Africa that offer similar holidays).
What to expect? Zebras that graze at arms length and romantic candle lit dinners at night in the middle of the African plains. We are game! For both the romantic concept and the adventure part. That is as long as snakes will not be creeping around in our beds of course.
We could tell you how glorious it is to experience the wildlife as if you were living in the 1920’s or you could simply watch the video. Because moving images sometimes speak louder than written words.

Another wintery journey we would very much like to pursue is the one to Norway. Not only to see the famous Northern lights obviously, but we would love to see the vast beauty of endless snow landscapes from a sled. Hair in the wind and the crunching silence of snow. And here’s the blast, watch it from a sled pulled by a horde of happy huskies. We say: sweep us away, right away! So at least we’ll have a white Christmas…



Slowly recovering and emerging from the horrors and devastation of the ethnic genocide in 1994 that killed 800.000 people (mainly Tustsi), tourism in the beautiful country of Rwanda is cautiously on the rise again. If you are looking for an unforgettable lifetime experience, then this adventure might be just for you. Hiking through the mesmerizing landscape of central Africa and seeing endangered wild mountain gorilla families face to face in their own natural habitat, is nothing short of incredible. We’d love to experience this first hand so this one is definitely an addition to our bucket list. Do you have any other travel suggestions? Please leave us a comment!

Travel Happiness Gorillas 30 november

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