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It’s summertime. We’re outside, soaking up the rays in sundresses or shorts, noticing that everybody seems to be in a better mood than normal. Those of us who are not already partnered up turn our attention to love more during this season than in any other—and why not? It’s easier to make connections when you’re feeling positive and radiating that from the inside on out. You might even say that summer is the perfect time for building up good relationship karma, because we already have a baseline happiness to build from.

Karma, or the law that good things will happen to you if you do good things, has a big impact on relationships and love. We all have somebody in our circle who complains about having “bad karma” when it comes to romantic pursuits, but actually, they’re not taking responsibility for their own half of the deal. We can only be affected by others’ bad karma if we project negativity. That’s the way karma works: it’s cause and effect, not randomness, that rules the universe.

Practicing good karma means you are positive in all that you do—in thought as well as action. People are generally drawn to positivity—which is why a smiling face is always considered more appealing than a frowning one.  This summer, would you like to attract more love into your life? Follow these karmic guidelines.

1) Consider your intentions when you interact with other people.

It’s not enough just to be kind; your motivations have to be pure as well.  Acting only out of self-interest is not practicing good karma.

2) Learn to forgive the people who cause you pain. 

Holding on to old hurts leaves no space for good things to happen. If you start to doubt that, think about this quote from life coach Allan Martin Osman: “Forgiveness doesn’t free them from their karma; it frees you from yours.”

3) Be compassionate whenever possible.

You want to be treated with respect? So does everybody—from the CEO of an international company all the way to the person begging for change in the subway. Remember this and you’ll notice a sea change in your thoughts and emotions—and the way others deal with you.

Embrace the natural positivity that summer brings and think about whether your energy is reflecting that positivity. If it is, the chance that you’ll feel (and receive) more affection is much higher when you practice good karma.

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