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Summer is right around the corner and with it comes the opportunity to be in nature, preferably with our friends and family. Time to slow down, bask in the sun and create some meaningful memories—and there’s no better way to have a pleasant summer than by making an effort to practice good karma. Radiate positivity and good things will come your way.

Practicing good karma involves a bit of work. It means paying respectful attention to loved ones, to our surroundings, connecting to nature. It means finding beauty in the small things, being open to new wisdom, to listening quietly. In order to build good karma, we need to replace our anger, greed and negativity with love and kindness. These are all lofty goals, but how can we best use the extra time summer affords us to achieve them

Morning Meditation

Try this: as soon as you wake each morning, lie quietly and think about the day ahead. Maybe ask yourself what you want from your day and think about how you wish to interact with others. Your intentions can be very specific (‘I want to create more happiness’), or you might like to keep some words for the day in mind, such as “kindness,” “forgiveness” or “generosity.”

Count to Ten

Because the summer is often filled with extra social engagements, we find ourselves around lots of different people—and we may not always get along with all of them. When you were a child, you probably heard the suggestion to “count to ten,” before reacting to a negative situation. Adults are well-served to use this tool as well: it’s worth pausing before we lash out with the first thing that pops into our heads. This helps resolve stress and gets us back on the path of being true to ourselves and being truly good to the people in our lives. Both of these things are essential in building good karma.

Live with Intent

It’s okay to be a work in progress, as long as you’re focusing on that progress by living with intent. This summer, try to really pay attention to the motivation behind your words and actions. Intentions aren’t the same as goals; there aren’t any results to measure, like getting a pay raise or losing weight. Intentions are more like an attitude or a purpose – and they need to come from the heart, to help us reconnect with what matters. It’s not always easy, but you need to keep trying.

So while you’re at that barbecue or beach day with family, remember that acting positively and with intent invites more happiness into your life. Practice good karma, and make this summer the best one yet.

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