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There are a million things to do in the city that never sleeps. Raymond takes you on a journey along some highlights.

I love New York. As soon as I hail a cab at the airport, the vibrant energy of the place just hits me with awe. This unique city can make me feel more alive than almost any other place I’ve visited. What it is? I honestly don’t know. It must be the smells, the sounds, the people, the lights, the greatness and exclusivity of it all, you name it. We’ve recently opened two stores in this metropolis so I get to travel to NY more often now. Do I mind? On the contrary, I consider myself a lucky man. It gives me the opportunity to explore things on and off the grid and if I run into really special things, I’ll be sure to let you know.

The Dry Bar

This tip is for the ladies. If you decide to hit Manhattan night life, do it with a fabulous hair do. Where to go? The Dry Bar. I had to glimpse this salon from a professional point of view, just to find out what all the buzz was about. The Dry Bar has one simple philosophy: focus on one thing and be the best at it. No washing, no colouring, only blowouts, as they call it. Be prepared to empty your pockets though because this high end hair boutique comes with a hefty price tag. Find out more? Follow this link: DRY BAR NY

Get inspired: Museum of Modern Art

What a great place this is. Make a short stop or take your time, it doesn’t really matter as long as you experience the MoMa in person. If you plan to visit the museum of modern art BOOK YOUR MOMA TICKETS through their website, it will save you a long wait in line. MoMA has a mission: helping you understand and enjoy today’s art. It’s a place that fuels creativity and provides lots of inspiration and it also features a variety of dining options, including The Modern, a fine-dining restaurant that holds one Michelin star and three stars from The New York Times. Great food and art, I’d say that’s an excellent combination. MoMa, 11 West 53 Street

Explore the Big Apple by bike

Feeling a bit adventurous and in the mood for something different? Then visit BIKE THE BIG APPLE. It is a company that sets you up to tour the city by bike. Personally, I found riding a bike one of the best ways to experience the real New York up close and personal. And I have to admit that the Friday night lights tour was absolutely fantastic. Bonus: by midnight you will know all the hot spots in town.

Fancy a drink? Visit the best roof top bar in town

When I’m in New York I always try to visit at least one place I haven’t been before to keep up with what’s hip and happening. The Boom Boom Room is one of the most exclusive clubs in New York City. Located in the Meatpacking District at the top of THE STANDARD High line boutique hotel, it offers a truly incredible view of New Jersey and New York City.  This hot spot for the rich and famous works with a guest list after 11.00 at night. So if you want to soak up the opulent atmosphere dress up and be sure to go for a drink early in the evening, or get yourself on the list…  Boom Boom Room, 848 Washington at 13th Street New York 10014


Escape the room

I haven’t actually done this one myself but it is on my list of fun things to do when I can spare an hour or 2 next time I am in New York. Imagine this: a real life game that lets you solve a puzzle. But not just any puzzle. You get locked up in a room and have to find the clues that form the key to your escape. The room can be any place and its location depends on the theme they are running. Needless to say that I think this gets better if you can gather a group of friends to join you. Know this one? Drop me a line, I’d love to know if it’s worth it! ESCAPE THE ROOM

Need a moment of peace?

New York can be quite overwhelming on all your senses. If you crave a break from the hectic and dynamic energy check out this link by the New York Times, an impressive interactive map on all the quiet places in town: FINDING THE QUIET CITY. And here’s another tip: In lovely Bryant Park everyone is welcome to join the free (!) yoga lessons and it’s an excellent place to read a newspaper while you drink a macchiato.

Shop ‘till you drop

Soho. What’s not to like about this part of town? It really covers it all: cheap, expensive, hip, modern and vintage and it’s one of NY’s most popular areas to go shopping. Last but not least: our very first US front store in Manhattan can be found in Soho at Spring street and Lafayette! If you find yourself in the neighbourhood, drop by and say hello!


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