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The History of Hanami Matsuri

Hanami Matsuri is an ancient tradition in Japan that has been around for many centuries. Hanami translates as flower viewing and Matsuri means celebration. An emperor by the name of Saga adopted this practice some 800 years ago at the Imperial Court in Kyoto. Poems that celebrated the fragile beauty of the Sakura blossom were recited at flower-viewing parties where the Japanese elite would consume sake and snacks underneath the blossoming boughs of sakura trees. This is seen as the origin of Hanami in Japan.

The custom was originally only practiced by the elite of the Imperial Court. However the Samurai society caught on with it and by the time the Edo period started, some 400 years ago, the ceremony had spread to the common people as well.


The ritual of flower viewing, and in particular the dwindling fresh Sakura blossoms that resemble a pink snow storm on windy days, still is a big annual event in Japan today. Depending on the blossoming period Hanami takes place from March till May.

Like there forefathers the Japanese gather with friends and family underneath the cherry blossoms to have lunch or dinner and to marvel at the beauty of flowering Sakura trees. The fragile blossoming flowers are seen as a metaphor for life itself; splendid and beautiful yet brief and fleeting. In other words: life is short, enjoy it while you can and make the most of it.

We couldn’t agree more, but to participate in Hanami Matsuri you would either have to travel to America or Japan and we understand that that is not always a feasible option.
So to help you celebrate a new beginning every day, we can offer you an easy alternative. Our Sakura collection lets you discover beauty in every new day  and gives you the notion of budding springtime with the delicate perfume of fragrant cherry blossoms. Whether you shower with our foam, or submerge yourself in a warm Hanami bath it will feel like a heavenly new beginning, every time. So do your thing and embrace spring, but most of all: enjoy it. Take me to the Ritual of Sakura!

Happy Hanami!

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