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It is an official fact. The art of happiness can be found in art itself as research has found proof that looking at art or beautiful things literally makes us happy people. Semir Zeki, professor of neuroesthetics at University College of London studied the reaction of people’s brains when looking at a work of art. He placed his subjects in a scanner and showed them various pictures of art. And what many of us have felt all along is now scientifically proven: looking at art induces the same feelings of pleasure you experience as when you’re in love. This is due to the fact that activity in the reward center of the brain goes up. Apparently dopamine is the happy culprit and this little goodie is also know as the feel good transmitter.

Next time you feel a little out of your happiness zone go visit a museum or take a look at this list of beautiful art in all its facets.


Photographer Jimmy Nelson has been a photographer since 1987. For his mesmerizing photo book “BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY” Jimmy traveled the world for three years, meeting with more than 30 remote tribes and submerging himself in their lives and traditions. He has beautifully and passionately captured the people not visible to us. People living in desolate places and living a life true to their ancient beliefs and culture. What Jimmy shows us in his photographs is the plain and simple purity of humanity. He finds it in the mountains, the ice fields, the jungle, along the rivers and in the valleys all over the world. And thus he made a photographic testimonial in honor of the forgotten worlds inhabited by people who should be remembered before they pass away. Follow this link to see more work by this unique photographer here: JIMMY NELSON

jimmy-nelson-tribe-red-cloacks nenet-10 sumburu-jimmy-nelson


Officially not a work of art by an artist but rather a communal work of art created by thousands of people in love.
In 2008, out of nowhere a tradition popped up in France. Couples began linking padlocks to the Pont des Arts, a footbridge in Paris. To symbolize their eternal love for each other they threw away the key into the river Seines. It has indeed a very romantic touch, so we can see why only six years later (last June) it was so weighed down by numerous padlocks that the bridge collapsed at one section and was on the verge of being destroyed. No more padlocks ever since, but the sight of such a heavy load of love makes us happy!



There are so many more beautiful works of art to showcase here,but we can’t show them all. These colourful world-famous paintings provoke happy feelings without a doubt. On the left La Belle Russe et l’oiseau Bleu by Corneille, in the middle The Kiss by Gustav Klimt and on the right Dorea Maar au chat by Picasso.



Chinese dissident AI WEIWEI, born in 1957, is a Chinese contemporary artist, political activist and philosopher. An extremely versatile and praised artist in the fields of sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography and film he realizes truly original concepts that are both fascinating and beautiful. Below a selection of installations he has created in cities all over the world.



William Wegman, an american artist, started his career as a painter but is probably best known for creating a series of compositions involving dogs, primarily his own Weimaraners, in various costumes and poses. His first dog Man Ray appeared in many of his art works in the ’80’s. The dog became immensely popular. When Man Ray died, Wegman started capturing his new companion Fay Ray in his art work. And let’s be honest; what’s not to love about these? They make us happy…



Surreal art has been mostly made famous by Salvador Dali. On the left his most famous painting Persistence of Memory, in the middle The son of Man by Renee Magritte and on the right a painting by Russian artist Vladimir Kush.



An last but not least we chose Patience Brewster because her art is defined in everyday objects. This american artist started her career illustrating children’s books. Now she creates prints, paintings, figurines and furniture with a very distinct and personal approach. We love the out of the box designs in happy vibrant colours and everytime we look at that cake stand or alligator candle holder we cannot help ourselves but smile and feel instant happiness.


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