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Audrey Leighton


Audrey Rogers (aka: BeFrassy) is a fabulous lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger (, who captivates her followers with her daily rituals and the things she loves in life; from fashion choices to food and fitness. She lives in Barcelona and spends some of her time in the fashion capital, Paris. Having worked with Audrey in the past on our Sakura re-launch and Christmas #givefromtheheart campaign she was the perfect fit to collaborate with again for our Summer Rituals blog. So we wanted to find out what her favourite Summer Rituals were and what she loves most about the sun…

What’s the best thing about summer?

The best thing about summer is the sunshine, which sounds too simple for an answer but being such a lover of the sun, when it comes around and stays for a couple of months, I am practically infinitely happy!

How do you like to spend a long summer night?

 My ideal summer night would be a late dinner here in Barcelona with my boyfriend, preferably on a terrace in a pretty Plaza somewhere followed by drinks at a few bars with a few friends ending at the beach for a last drink!

What’s the ultimate holiday feeling for you?

 The ultimate holiday feeling for me is a cool, crisp shower after a day in the sand or on a boat. There is nothing in the world more refreshing or invigorating to me! It’s actually probably my favourite feeling in the entire world.

What’s your summer beauty ritual?

 I spend a lot of time in the sun so I moisturise compulsively, both my skin and hair. Being a beach lover has its downsides so I try to minimise those through rigorous morning and nightly moisturising!

What item do you always take with you on a holiday?

 Face wash, always! I refuse to use the soaps in hotels even if I’m lucky enough to stay in a luxe 5 star.

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