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People all over the world are living life in the fast lane, doing things on autopilot. Back in 2000 it was no different for CEO and founder of Rituals Cosmetics, Raymond Cloosterman. He had a great career laid out for him at Unilever but something was itching at the back of his brain. Traveling the world to nourish inspiration for a new adventure Raymond was struck by the calming influence of the numerous special rituals he witnessed in the East. Thank god for that, because it marked the birth of a wonderful brand and the start for the journey of Rituals.

The experience

His journey across the globe made him realize that in the west we hardly ever look back on past practices and always strive for innovation. Yet in Asia he felt the importance and value of the wisdom hidden in these ancient eastern rituals first hand: by taking a step back to reflect and honor the mundane and little things, life becomes more meaningful. That’s when Raymond knew he had found his mission: transforming everyday routines into special moments. Appreciating life’s simple pleasures again in stead of focusing on the big picture. And to achieve this he wanted to create luxury yet affordable home and body care products, all inspired by ancient Eastern traditions.

The mission…

…became a passion and when the man puts his mind to something there is no stopping him. With a firm business plan, a small group of close friends and an office in a basement in Amsterdam, the Rituals endeavor was underway. Before long they landed in “the Pagoda” in Paris meeting with one of the biggest and most respected players in the perfume business. Meetings followed. About translating these beautiful ancient routines into extraordinary products using authentic ingredients from Asia and beyond. Key factors were they had to be special and the fragrances luxurious and unique. It was a match made in perfume heaven.

La Pagode in Paris

Founder and CEO of Rituals, Raymond Cloosterman, in front of La Pagode in Paris where it all started 15 years ago.

The philosophy

The philosophy is simple. “Happiness can be found in the smallest of things.” It is the company’s mission to transform everyday routines into more meaningful experiences. This can be the simple act of washing your hands, drinking a cup of warm tea, or taking a warm relaxing bath. Happiness can also be found in experiencing ancient traditions and customs from the Far East. Take for example our Hammam collection; it enables you to create your own steam bath at home. Or the grooming etiquette of the Japanese Samurai warrior who inspired us to create a range especially for men. Laughing Buddha offers you energy and positivity and Ayurveda brings colourful and beautiful India right to your doorstep. And these are only half of the full collections we offer online and in store.

rituals philosophy blog

The products

Over 400 different products collectively make up the unique signature of the Rituals brand. You can find exclusive home cosmetics, consisting of scented candles, fragrance sticks, bed and body mists to body care, skin care, make-up, clothing and kitchen and bathroom accessories. The collection is updated twice a year with new innovations and on top of that Rituals offers 2 limited edition collections each year: one is designed especially for summertime, the second brings an extra touch of warmth and luxury during the winter.

The first store in the Netherlands, before and after.

The Future

It was only 15 years ago that the first Rituals shop opened its doors at the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. Today there more than 400 stores worldwide in almost 20 different countries. Additionally the Far East is joining the wonderful world of Ritual. The company’s philosophy has unmistakable proven its value and power. The modern world craves purpose and meaningful moments. The world is ready for rituals and Rituals is ready for you.

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