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After 30 days our journey to Good Karma ends here. And what a journey it has been! More than 50.000 people subscribed to our newsletter and many of you joined on social media. We hope we were able to inspire you with our stories. Read what the challenge brought these people, but mostly: tell us what it brought you in a comment below!

Leonie Hanne Ohh Couture



Did you find the challenge difficult or just fun?
The challenge was fun, but it is also something I´m thinking about a lot. With traveling a lot it´s sometimes not that easy to concentrate only on the positive things. Even though that is what it should be all about!

What has this challenge brought you?
It reminded me how a smile could change everything around me.

Tatyana Beloy – Tatyana Beloy


How did you experience the #30daysofgoodkarma challenge?
So nice, waking up every morning with a Rituals tip in my inbox. For me it was a positive start of the day. Me-time. I mostly tried to share that pleasure with as many people as possible.

Which day did you enjoyed most?
Day 5, Be kind to a stranger, was by far the best one. I received so many nice comments on my post where I left roses underneath people’s wiper. Great to see that simple things can be so striking.

What has this challenge brought you?
I’m a positive person, but all this positive response gave me so much extra energy! The ‘challenge’ also turned out to be a good topic of conversation, people often approached me about it.

Jasmin – Tea & Twigs


Is there anything you wanted to achieve with these thirty days?
Absolutely! I wanted to strengthen my mind-set, to turn the small, everyday deeds into routines. They say one only needs about 30 days for the ritual to sink into your unconscious behavior pattern, which is why I went for the challenge – a nice step stone to become even better in the future!

Did you find the challenge difficult or just fun?
Surely at times it’s difficult to consider details, problems and the personal opinion as part of a bigger whole and to think outside this box. At the end of this challenge, however, the fun aspect and the feeling of having something achieved, outweigh all these self-made obstacles.

What has this challenge brought you?
I hope a lot of Karma J but definitely a lot of good reactions and interactions with readers and people in my surrounding. Every time I mentioned the challenge, only meaningful, deep conversations were the result of it. Also, a nice way of understanding the different associations and definitions of “Karma” people can have!

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  • June 12, 2016 Reply


    My dear friends! Every moning I woke up with thought that today I learn for myself something a new with travel of 30 days of Good Karma. Really, i have taken enjoy these moments! Thanks the Rituals that the team unites one common goal so many people! !!!!

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