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Karma is a quite a simple concept, which has been put into the humblest of words in almost every language imaginable. Anyone can understand it and anyone can practice it. In fact, you probably already are!

Which is good news. Because Karma is the simple law of cause and effect. Everything that we do, each one of our actions, thoughts or way of expressing ourselves, creates an effect at a point later in time. In other words, every little action has a reaction. You reap what you sow.  So the more positive energy you bring into the world, the more positive energy will eventually come back to you.

The most important factor is the motivation or intention of our words, thoughts and actions, because this is what determines the nature of their Karma. Activities are not inherently good or bad. We create causes through activities and experience the consequences, and we are the only ones responsible for our own pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

But, we should try not to rationalize cause and effect by wrong interpretations of our own laziness or indifference or attachment to our position. A sense of compassion and universal responsibility is important to our own spiritual development and for peace in the world.

In this sense, Karma and Love are very much intertwined. You may have read quotes, such as ‘Smile, and the world smiles back’. Well, the same applies to love and loving compassion in the Karmic sense. When you decide to spread your love out to the world and consciously make the choice to love all the people in it, you will consequently receive lots of love back. Truly. Try it, at least for a few days.

And the best thing is, you can start right now!

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