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The triumphant return of The Ritual of Karma is a scent celebration for fans everywhere. Previously a summer limited edition, the collection is now a permanent luxury, complete with the famous fragrance that can now be enjoyed all year long. Rituals customers were wondering both in stores and online when they could get their hands on the products that so enchanted them—from the decadent body cream to the refreshing shower foam—everyone was clamoring for more Karma in their lives.

Do good, and good will come your way: it’s the principle behind karma. Use good ingredients, and good products will be developed and appear back on the shelves. But what are the ingredients that make The Ritual of Karma such a fan favourite?

The two main ingredients that compose the beloved Karma scent are white lotus and white tea. Apart, they have distinctly unique fragrances, but mingled together, they become magic.

True to Rituals form, the white lotus has roots in ancient wisdom. In Buddhism, it symbolises purity of mind, body and spirit, which happen to be essential ingredients for the building of good karma. The scent of the white lotus flower can best be described as delicate yet intriguing, enlivened by a subtle spice and aromatic floral notes.

White tea is made from the Camellia taliensis plant and was first brewed in China. Like many of the ingredients used in Rituals products, it was selected because of its nourishing properties. The fragrance of white tea has notes of rose and jasmine and violet, rounded off with some facets of fruit.

Once combined, the scents evoke a distinctly summery feeling of sunshine and good vibes. It’s no wonder that The Ritual of Karma was such a hit as a limited collection and is now destined to become a year-round bestseller. Smell good, and good will come your way.

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