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In ancient Japan, the Samurai warrior class was known to prepare for battle by withstanding many physical and psychological challenges. One of the most infamous ones, requiring strength of both mind and body, was their tradition of standing beneath an ice-cold waterfall for several minutes.  Through this intense experience, the Samurai believed they were emotionally and physically conditioning themselves for war—making them more alert and toughening themselves for a brutal confrontation with their enemies.

We love the men in our lives, but it’s often extremely difficult to shop for them when a special occasion arises. While they’re probably not charging out the door and onto the battlefield, they could probably use a little alertness and focus to prepare for their day. Luckily, Rituals has the perfect gift: the Samurai Ice Shower.

It’s a shower gel unlike any other. Enriched with organic bamboo and refreshing Japanese mint, this staple of our Ritual of Samurai collection is perfect for a post-workout shower or as an anecdote to a hot summer day. When you’re feeling overheated, simply apply the shower gel—being careful to avoid sensitive areas like the eyes and groin—and enjoy the intensely cool sensation on your skin. The longer you can wait to rinse it off, the cooler you’ll feel. In this way, you can enact your own version of the Samurai ice waterfall ritual, albeit a much more pleasant (and less life-threatening!) one.

The science behind taking cold showers is sound, and the benefits are clear. Along with increasing alertness, it also helps relieve stress. Because you’re conditioning your body to handle the physical toll of a cold shower, you adapt to other stressful situations more quickly. Cold showers also improve circulation by forcing blood to your organs to keep them warm, and good circulation is essential for overall cardiovascular health.

So next time there’s something to celebrate, give your dad, husband or boyfriend the coolest gift around and help him transform himself into a modern-day Samurai.

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