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It’s often our favourite place to escape to, but what makes a home so special to us?

A home is not simply a set of walls and roof over your head, but carries much more meaning than that. Of all the places in the world it’s the place where you can feel safe, happy and content. At home we go through many of our daily rituals, but also experience moments of meaning, whether that’s with our loved-ones or just by ourselves. It’s where we go through celebrations, heartaches, successes, failures, milestones, times of joy and meaningful memories. And at the end of a busy day, our home is the place we can go to rebalance ourselves.

It’s the only place in the world were you can completely be yourself; it’s a part of you and almost like our second skin. Home is important when it comes to enjoying time for you; me-time. What you keep in your home influences the way you feel when stepping into a room. Surround yourself with things that put your mind at ease, make you feel happy and that will trigger meaningful memories. After all, our memories are what make a house a home.

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