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Humans are creatures of habit. Whether they are conscious or unconscious, we engage in several rituals each day. Some of them are as simple as sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea while browsing the latest headlines. Others require more deliberation and time, such as choosing to take the longer route to the office in order to enjoy the scenery and relax before work. And still others require more effort, like preparing a healthy yet delicious meal for our family to enjoy each evening. Whichever ritual you perform, it’s all in your hands.

Rituals are important because they open the gateway to our creative spirit. They afford us the time to stop, recharge ourselves and give us the room to think differently. We can soothe both our bodies and our souls by engaging in certain acts. Who hasn’t taken a long, relaxing bath after a rough week? We can enhance the experience by transforming our bathrooms into a home spa, using The Ritual of Hammam collection of body products and scented candles to create the perfect atmosphere. Once the body is calmed, we can focus on the soul—perhaps by reading a book of our favourite poetry while enjoying our private spa.

Daily rituals come in many forms, but they all help us to direct our energy and focus on the present moment. Modern life is filled with distractions and demands; change often occurs at break-neck speed and necessitates constant adaptation. Rituals are sometimes the only constant in our daily lives and can become a very comforting influence on our overall well-being. After a hectic day, some of us draw a bath to calm ourselves, some of us do yoga exercises and some of us light a scented candle and say a silent prayer—all of these things promote stability and a sense of balance. This is just one of the reasons why rituals are so important: they keep us centred in a world that is constantly turning.

Do you desire to feel more centred and to be more present in the moment?  Creating new rituals is an excellent way to do this. It may sound intimidating at first, but again, even the most simple of tasks can be transformed into meaningful rituals. The first step to doing this is to identify the daily activities that soothe you; become aware of the things that give you a natural sense of rest. Take a moment and really think about what aspects of your day bring you peace, and ensure that you have the time and physical space to complete them on a regular basis.

Does listening to classic music relax you? No matter how busy you are in a given day, allow yourself ten minutes of Mozart. This will not only promote serenity in the moment, it will also give you something to look forward to each day, regardless of what stress awaits you. Do you spend your day behind a computer and feel good when your body is in motion? Go outside on your lunch break and walk around the block before you return to your desk, paying close attention to the pleasant sensation flowing through your limbs while you move. Is there a guilty pleasure television show that you absolutely adore? Record it on your DVR (avoiding the annoying commercials which waste your valuable time), sit in your comfiest chair and let the silliness of a reality show or sitcom wash over you. It is not necessary for rituals to be highbrow or complicated to be effective.  They just need to be performed consciously and regularly.

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